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  1. Simmarket has finally released the FS Altitude Has any english speaking simmer tried FS Altitude yet! I have found a tread in French wich looks promissing, but my french is unfortunately limited.There is some nice screens on the french tread: Search Subject: "FSALTITUDE: affaire
  2. Hello.I have recieved the Captain Sim C-130 for FSX yesterday, and it works wonderfull-highly recommendable.I would like to use some of my repaints for the Captain Sim C-130fs9, for this fine bird, but so far without any luck. The DXT editor flips the image and alphachannel the way it is supposed to, but when i save, I see that there is a format difference from the orignal FSX textures. The result looks like crap!Any hints?KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  3. In fs9 I enjoid using the the excellent Traffic View Board by Arnt Helge Haland. Has anything similar been made for FSX. KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  4. It didnot cross my mind. So simple and yet so effective. Thank you so much. Could be great to collect all kinds of tips and tricks in editing bump maps for flightsim X. Bert Monroy has a couple of ideas in his book: Commercial PhotoshopKindlyJakob Arnholtz
  5. Hi.I would like to add/edit bump maps for aircrafts in FS X. So far, I has opened a image from the c172 folder in DXT. I have exported the alphachannel to Photoshop, and correct me if I am wrong, but I guess that the alphachannel is the bump map. Does anyone have a tutorial or knowledge of a thread on thr subject?KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  6. Hello.My troubles are over.I have discovered the following:To locate the tile I want to alter, I run TCalc2004_2.0Tod add forrest I use AGenT which automates the process of adding large areas with trees.The Autogen Editor/Creator Program (Author: Art Martin) comes handy when the subject is buildings.I am looking foreward to dig deeper into the subject of adding autogen. I is easyer than I thought ( Suprise!), and wish to thank anyone for their kind help with my beginners problems.KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  7. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=33669
  8. unfortunately, when I run the Art MartinAutogen Editor, I am met with an error message saying Run_time error'380' Invalid property value. Does anyone have a clue?KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  9. Thank ypu for the reply. I will give it a try, when work permit.KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  10. I have downloadet AGenT_15, wich looks like the kind of programme I need. I am now in need for dokumentation or a tutorial. Since I am a beginner in the field, any help is most welcome.KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  11. Thanks a lot.Great to get help from you guys.KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  12. Hello.I am looking for a tutorial on how to add autogen to Photorealistic Sceneries. The way it is done by http://www.francevfr.com/ is absolutely breattaking, and the Scenery I had in mind for some additional autogen is http://www.danvfr.com/index.html wich appears cuite flat, as many Photorealistic Sceneries does.I have already downloadet annotator tool from Microsoft but needs a program like agnlocator.exe that displays the name of the tile you're flying above in FS => helps you to identify which tile to open in Annotator for rework. Agnlocator is a small utility made by France VFR, but the manual is in French, wich is a problem for me to read ( To put it mildly!)Any help or tread about the subject or link to a tutorial is welcome.KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  13. Hi.I can,t save the weather together with a flight in flightsim 2004.When I choose:Select flight, the sky is gin clear. Can anyone help?KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  14. The main thing is, that the b..... thing cannot hold the lokalizerduring ILS app. Only with extensive help from the Auto pilot bank control can I have a landing. Beats me why Captain sim does not correct this issue.Ils landings works great on the Flight1 Iron Knuckles DC-9-30, and the flyingexperience and satistfaction is much greater than CS 707, as the things are for the moment.What a petty, for a product so beautifull modelled ( And whith such stunning textures!!!!)KindlyJakob Arnholtz
  15. No. You have to download the full aircraft from CS website.I did just that, but for the moment i can still not make the aircraft behave.Jakob
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