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  1. After a lot of testing I think somehow my sensitivity settings got "corrupted" as I only experiencing this problem from this afternoon. CW you gave me a clue when you mentioned that you will do a video showing the yoke. I did a takeoff with the yoke in view and could immediately see that a small input on my Saltek yoke is making a 90 degree yoke turn in the aircraft. With Sensitivity settings currently not working I'll just have to wait.
  2. @cwburnett - you are right got nothing to do with your mod after a test without it.
  3. I am at a lost of words now, the same is happening now even with the mod uninstalled. I truly never had it before.
  4. Yes, I do. I am now going to uninstall this mod and see what happens, are you experiencing the same or not.
  5. Yes, full power and correct VR speed as per FMS. Need to mention this only starting to happen after installing this mod.
  6. Hi, Thanks Guys for this special work. As mentioned by a few I also can not take off without a sharp up pitch after getting airborne as well as a sharp bank to the left. In about 5 seconds after lifting off the ac is stalling. Tried the suggestion to change the flight model file (earlier post), the pitch is less, in fact the ac sinks to the rwy and one need to apply more back pressure but the left banking remains.
  7. Hi All,Problem solved, used the FSX/FS9 Registry Repair Tool. to solve the problem.ThanksWilliam
  8. Hi Guys,Same problem for me, XP on Drive C and FSX on Drive E. I understand why the message (fsx.exe not found) appears but do not know how to fix this in the registry. Any help will be appreaciated.Thanks and regardsWilliam
  9. Hi Robert,I re-installed the 737 and 747 and everything is working again.Thanks and regards.Willem
  10. Hi Robert,Thanks for your feedback, I think you may be right there, will have a look and report back.RegardsWillem
  11. Hi Mats,Tried your suggestions and still not working, seems I will have to re-install the 747 and 737 again, not what I want to do, but it seems I have no choice.RegardsWillem
  12. Mats,Thanks, will try.RegardsWillem
  13. Hi All,Any idea on solving this problem or the cause will be appreciated.Thanks and regards.Willem
  14. Hi Ryan,Thanks for replying. No it is happening at all airports and also during the flight itself. I just set the aircraft up to simulate the problem and forgot to arm the A/T, seldom uses the VNAV as I am flying on IVAO with ATC.Hope you can help, Regards.Willem
  15. Hi Mats,Used left Autopilot with Lnav engaged. See the attachments for the screen shots.RegardsWillem
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