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  1. Thank you for the Norwegian Air Shuttle (slightly misspelled in the list) and the SAS Scandinavian Airlines livery.Which Tail number/portrait will be available for the Norwegian Air Shuttle livery? Will there be more then one? Can I request that? :(
  2. Hi,Due to installation of a new motherboard, I have formated all my harddrives. I am now setting everything up again, including the FSX with all its add-ons.The installation of PMDG747X went Ok. The problem starts when I selects 747 in the "Select Aircraft"-window. Then I get a "A fatal error has occured. Tell Microsoft about this problem"-message.Earlier I installed the Wilco/FeelThere 737PIC, but uninstalled it again, after I remember it created some conflict with PMDG. After that I reinstalled the PMDG747X and LevelD 767 for FSX.Now I am getting the "fatal error" message, followed by a CTD. The same thing also happen when I try to select the LevelD767. There seem to be the gauges/panels that is causing the problem. The Error report point to pmdg_747400_main.dll. Anybody knows what can be causing this?The only thing I have not tried at this point, is editing the dll.xml file. Anybody know the location?Raymond
  3. Ok, I found the folder and moved it. Now it works :-) Thank you very much for your help, Bill.Raymond
  4. Hi,I have downloaded the latest AIRAC cycle 0711 from Navigraph. In the installer I chose Flight Simulator X and it were pointed to the correct main folder. I can see it intalling and I get a "Installed successfully" message at the end.However, when I'm starting the simulator and 747-400X and look at the FMC, the FMC tells me that it is still the 0710 cycle that is installed.By looking into the Flight Simualtor XPMDGNavdata-folder, I can also see that the the files has not been updated. They are still 0710.Anyone have an idea what is wrong here and how I can get this fixed?I have the latest updated 747-400X installed.Raymond
  5. Hi,I just checked this out myself, and no matter how much cargo I load, the aircraft is still empty. I wonder if they have removed this feature because of the performance-issues in FSX. Either that, or it must be a bug :-)Raymond
  6. Hello,Thank you for another great product and for the discount and FS9 747-400 update.Unfortunately I have run into a problem. When I am going to start the installer, I just get the message "Unable to locate fsx.exe. Unable to install." When pressing OK, the installer shuts down.I have all my flightsim related files on a different harddrive than my WinXP. I thought this might have caused it, but it doesn't give me a chance to redirect the installer.Any idea what I can do about this? Right now I'm simply not able to install.Raymond
  7. Thank you for your reply.How do they do it in the real aircraft, though?RegardsRaymond
  8. Hi,A question about the Stab Trim in the 747. I thought I, for the first time, should actually adjust the Stab Trim for takeoff too match the trim in FMC. The problem is that I can't find a way to do it.I was supposed to adjust the trim from 4 to 6 last night, even though I was already within the green band. I couln't find a way to do it. The manuals and guides that I read, told me to adjust the trim, but as far as I could see, none of them told me HOW I adjust the trim.I'm sure it is an obvious and easy way to do it, but HOW do you do it?:-) Regards,Raymond
  9. You might be right. I had a look at Aerosoft's website and checked the boxes in a store today, and it doesn't say on the box that -600/700 is required.So, unless the PMDG team says otherwise, you DO NOT need the 600/700 version to get the boxed -800/900 to work.Sorry about the wrong information, there.Regards,Raymond
  10. Hi,1. Yes, you need to purchase the PMDG 737-600/700 package for the 800/900 package to work. After that I recommend you download the patch that makes the Virtual Cockpit on all the aircrafts clickable.2. As far as I remember, there are no limitations to the number of computers you can install the PMDG 737NG aircrafts.3. PMDG only have the NG (Next Generation, -600, -700, -800, -900) series of aircrafts. For the classics you have to look elsewere.Hope this helps.Regards,Raymond
  11. If you're not already a member of AVSIM File Library, sign up. Enter the File Library and use Oasis and PMDG in the searchbox under the "FS2004 - Aircraft Repaints, textures and modifications" Category. Then you will find several Oasis repaints for PMDG 747.If you're already a member, you can follow this link:http://library.avsim.net/search.php?Search...atID=fs2004acrpI have no idea about the signatures. I thought there were a sticky on it in this support forum, but it looks like it's not there any more.RegardsRaymond
  12. Carl,If you check Navdata.at's forum, you'll see that TP is not included for now. Richard is not quiet finished yet. TP will come as a revision for PMDG and LevelD in a day or two. Finally TP to my two favorite addons :-) Raymond
  13. >Beautiful Pete- does UPS operate the 400F or is this>fictional? Keep at it- love your work.>>Hopefully we will get to fly them soon!>>>Carl F. Avari-Cooper BAW0225This is not fictional. From what I know, UPS got its first 747-400F delivered last month. During 2007 and 2008 there will be delivered 7 more.Another great paint, Pete :-)
  14. Darren,I have read earlier on this forum that there has been spent significant time to take full advantage of the new wingflex feature in FSX.EDIT: And Ryan posted just before me, so there you go :-) Raymond
  15. >I like the larger corporate jets like the BBJ or the ACJ. If>I'm not mistaken, PMDG is technically already working on both>for FSX? (BBJ=NGX ACJ=A320,A319)>>Ryan Gamurot>Lucky to live Hawai'iI don't know much about PMDG's Airbus, as very little information has been released about that one, to my knowledge.However, I seem to remember Robert saying that BBJ 1 (Boeing Business Jet 1) and BBJ 2 (Boeing business Jet 2) is included in the 737NGX package.Of course, this might have been changed by now. Only time will tell, I guess.Other than that, I personally would love to see a developer make the Gulfstream G550. That is an impressive Bizjet, and judging by the number of reguests I have seen, it's strange that no developer has taken on the challenge. If it happens, though, I hope it is someone that can make them in PMDG quality.I would like to see PMDG continue making airliners, as the experience they have by now is invaluable and their products are close to perfection. However, should PMDG develope a GA aircraft, it would be interesting to see the result:-)RaymondNorway
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