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  1. Thanks both of you for the replies. I'm fine with long loading time as long as it's smooth once actually up and flying. I guess it's just a shame larger capacity SDDs are still very expensive!! Andy
  2. I am fast running out of space on my 1TB SSD drive which I have P3Dv5 installed on (not C drive) and want to move ORBX library. I have read up on how to do it which seems straight forward. My main question is will I get a performance hit if I move the library to a slower old HDD? I'm not sure how the files are used during P3D operation. Andy
  3. Hi, I've been away from simming for roughly 3 years and I am thinking of coming back as the FS bug has bitten again. I want some help as to what new pc build to go with for running P3Dv4, PMDG, ORBX etc etc. I don't have an unlimited budget but could spend around £1300. Must be UK parts. I am running a standard 1080 monitor so no 4K or anything like that needed. How does this look? I'd go with a 1060 Super or 2060 super card but they only have a limited number to choose from so ignore that specific model I've listed. I don't know after looking at a few youtube vids whether 2060 is worth the extra over a 1060 super? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/ngpdb8 Thanks for any advice. Andy
  4. Thanks so much that's restored it to normal. Sending you a virtual beer. 🍺 Andy S
  5. I have a big problem in P3Dv4.3. Everything that isn't an addon airport the land is covered in a light blue and the buildings are floating!! No idea how this has happened. [see image linked below] It effects the whole FS world not just a specific location. Also when the flight it loading once it gets past the black screen while it's loading (at around 80-90%) and you can see the VC but it's still loading, the ground textures look fine that all of a sudden just before 100% loaded it changes to the messed up version. It basically looks like the whole FS land has sunken. Any help MUCH appreciated. https://imgur.com/a/tUEh4x3 Andy S
  6. I know you don't support W7. I bought the ERJ when I had my old computer that was on XP. I was only trying a reinstall on W7 to see if it would work. I just thought the odd "sorry we don't support W7" or something similar would have made for a better tone in the reply, not the rather blunt ones given. Oh well....ERJ will be uninstalled and I, and others I guess, will just have to leave it at that. :( Andy S
  7. Scobie I have a native install of W7, NOT an updgrade. I have read other threads on this and similar topics in various forums with regard to Wilco/feelthere products and the responses mostly have the feeling of the developers being quite hostile towards people asking such questions. A couple of examples from just this thread: Not quite friendly customer service. I have read that line over and over in other threads. The fact that most others and not having problems is of little use as I/we ARE having problems. Andy S
  8. Still not solved this so a quick little bump. Andy S
  9. Mack - I don't have the rotating beam enabled. All the refresh rates are at dufault settings. Andy S
  10. I just reinstalled the Wilco E-jets add-on on my new computer and went for a spin. The FPS was really bad, much worse than on any other add-ons I have. My computer is new and pretty powerful....I get 50-70 FPS in PMDG 737/MD11 etc with full clouds, AI etc etc at Heaathrow Extreme. I was in the E190 at Manchester DEFAULT scenery and got only 7-20 FPS in the E190! :( Is this a known problem with the E-Jets and is there a fix for it? What are other people getting for FPS? I will say I am running it on Windows 7 64-bit. I know the Digital Aviation Fokker had a low FPS bug with Windows 7, could this be something similar? It has to be some error as it's so much lower FPS than the PMDG/LDS add-ons I have and also I have read most people are getting very good FPS in the ERJ even with two year old computer. Andy S
  11. Since RC now uses the new ADVDISP in FSUIPC is it possible to make it invisible so it does not appear when taking screen shots? With the old version if it was docked in the main panel view it was not visible when in outside view so you could take screen shots without it being in the shot.Andy S
  12. The ground texture look much improved from the UK2000 one. I wonder what the frames will be like as UK2000 LHR kills my system.
  13. Or a self extracting version. :-) Andy S
  14. Hi.I seem to be flying in FS9 less these days because I cant get enough time for flying. Setting up flight plans etc, then setting up aircraft to fly often takes 30-60 minutes before you even get in the air.I am looking for the best GA aircraft that is fun and realistic to fly but doesnt require much setting up. Basically one that you can load up, put some fuel in, go through a quick checklist then get into the air. I don't want to be bothered with VOR to VOR navigation or anything, just get into the air and fly where the mood takes me. I know its not very realistic to do it that way but this is a virtual world and whatever you fin the most fun goes, imo.I would be really greatful for any suggestions of which aircraft to buy.Andy S
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