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  1. Thanks both of you for the replies. I'm fine with long loading time as long as it's smooth once actually up and flying. I guess it's just a shame larger capacity SDDs are still very expensive!! Andy
  2. I am fast running out of space on my 1TB SSD drive which I have P3Dv5 installed on (not C drive) and want to move ORBX library. I have read up on how to do it which seems straight forward. My main question is will I get a performance hit if I move the library to a slower old HDD? I'm not sure how the files are used during P3D operation. Andy
  3. Hi, I've been away from simming for roughly 3 years and I am thinking of coming back as the FS bug has bitten again. I want some help as to what new pc build to go with for running P3Dv4, PMDG, ORBX etc etc. I don't have an unlimited budget but could spend around £1300. Must be UK parts. I am running a standard 1080 monitor so no 4K or anything like that needed. How does this look? I'd go with a 1060 Super or 2060 super card but they only have a limited number to choose from so ignore that specific model I've listed. I don't know after looking at a few youtube vids whether 2060 is worth the extra over a 1060 super? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/ngpdb8 Thanks for any advice. Andy
  4. Thanks so much that's restored it to normal. Sending you a virtual beer. 🍺 Andy S
  5. I have a big problem in P3Dv4.3. Everything that isn't an addon airport the land is covered in a light blue and the buildings are floating!! No idea how this has happened. [see image linked below] It effects the whole FS world not just a specific location. Also when the flight it loading once it gets past the black screen while it's loading (at around 80-90%) and you can see the VC but it's still loading, the ground textures look fine that all of a sudden just before 100% loaded it changes to the messed up version. It basically looks like the whole FS land has sunken. Any help MUCH appreciated. https://imgur.com/a/tUEh4x3 Andy S
  6. Interesting given that my joystick is only about 6 weeks old. Nonetheless I will give all these helpful hints a try and hopefully I'll be flying trouble free. Andy Solaini
  7. Mike I see what you are saying but I think it's very unlikely that I'm accidentally nudging the throttles. I say this because they aren't really in a position where you'd nudge them and also the fact that it happens on every takeoff I do with the 777 makes me think it's unlikely I would nudge it by accident every time. Andy Solaini
  8. Thanks very much for that Thomas I will try it on my next flight. Andy Solaini
  9. Actually not there are not fully forward. I advance throttles to 60% N1 to let the stabilise then hit TOGA but leave the throttles where they were. So not at idle but not fully forwards. This is the technique I have used in about 10 years of simming and it's only on the 777 that it throws up a problem, the NGX I do the same but it's fine, for example. Maybe it's just that the 777 is more advance and realistic? Andy Solaini
  10. No you didn't come across as harsh Thomas. I probably didn't explain it well in my initial post but the throttles retard and the message on the PFD says something like "throttle hold" but I can't remember the exact wording. Maybe I will re-read the tutorial flight as it's been a long time since I read it. I might have missed or forgotten something... Andy Solaini
  11. Yes I think it would be somewhere around 80 knots. I thought it was probably something the 777 was doing deliberately rather than a bug in the software. It's a bit annoying thought because I either have the throttle problem or I end up going off the runway if there is any kind of wind on the plane. PS - I have done the tutorial and it was informative but doesn't deal with this issue I am having. Andy Solaini
  12. I have a Saitek Cyborg Fly 5 joystick with a twist grip for the rudder. I use this to keep on the centre line during the takeoff roll in the 777. However when I get up some speed and need to twist the rudder to keep in line it always put the A/T into hold mode rather than keeping in TOGA. Is this a known problem and are there any solutions? This only happens with the PMDG 777 and no other addons I have including ones from PMDG. Thanks for any help. Andy Solaini
  13. I reinstalled the 777 last night and tried it this evening. I got really bad fps of 8-10 with Traffic at 0% and all other sliders about mid way! All was going ok during the preflight but while I was taxiing I looked down to the Checklist thing and all of a sudden FSX froze completely. The sound of the engines was still running and Task Manager didn't said FSX was running fine but the FSX screen was all black and I couldn't get back to the sim. I'm going to try the exact same route and settings in the LDS 767 to see if it's a more fundamental FSX error or one with the 777. I should point out that I have had the 777 running fine up until just before Christmas. Andy
  14. Well the odd thing is that when it happened a few buttons were ok but most not. I then tried messing with a few views, pressing the alt menu etc etc which sometimes sorts things out. It did and some of the buttons that weren't working started to work again but only for a few seconds then they died for good. I don't know what would have happened after than because I quite FSX because landing would have been impossible! I also ought to add that my memory use was normal for FSX so I don't suspect OOM errors. Andy
  15. I tried to do a long haul in the 777 this evening and had some problems. About half way through the flight I went to spot view and the body of the plane was invisible, only the engine fans and cockpit were showing. After cycling through some views for a while it worked again so I though it was all good. Then as I was nearing the TOD I came back to my computer to find I couldn't click many of the buttons in the VC or 2D panels. Some of them on the overhead worked but none in the main captains panel. What would cause this issue? I will also contact PMDG support directly to try and help. Andy
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