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  1. Ok, fair enough. I will consider this seriously then, thanks very much for your answers.- daniel
  2. No... I suppose not. Is this an additional product? All I really want is the upgrade to the pax model systems.- daniel
  3. Hi,I just can't seem to find the answer for this one...I believe I have the latest version of the 747-400 for FS9, and I understand that the Roll Royce variant was to be accurately simulated in the cockpit/FMC. I'm not sure how to do this, though. My exterior model is the RR variant - do I have to change something within the FMC, or elsewhere? If it's the RR model my derate would be in EPR, no?Thanks in advance...- daniel
  4. I should have specified that it is only the default airports that are doing this, or the ones without ground textures.- daniel
  5. Can't find the solution to this one on my own;I don't know what I installed but all the grass textures (grass field textures, airport grounds only) remain green even in winter. Airports like Toronto which should show snow at this time of year, stay green. It only happens on the airport grounds - once beyond the perimeter the snow texures return. I've been looking around for textures to replace but haven't been able to find any that do this. Does anyone know which file it is in the global texture folder? Thanks a lot...- daniel
  6. Hi,I'm experiencing this problem suddenly out of the blue, but my 'Advanced' button does not include this option!! And if I associate .zip with another program the 'advanced' button is replaced by a 'restore' button. On top of that, I used to get a little yellow bar at the top of my IE window when I tried to download, and had to 'allow' the download to commence. But it's gone too. Can't download anything right now from Avsim - terrible bummer.- daniel
  7. I've looked and looked through this forum, tinkered with the 400s tables, and I still can't get any satisfaction out of this A320 of mine. Here's my problem;The aircraft simply shoots off the runways at takeoff, but rapidly becomes sluggish in the climb. By about 26000ft the climb rate is is 400fpm. All my weights, speeds, CoG and everything else is fine, the aircraft just performs unrealistically.My simple question; which table am I really supposed to use, and at what point does it affect the 20,000ft and above range?(p.s. the cruise_lift_scalar in the aircraft.cfg has also been tinkered with, but only has the affect of tuning the whole thing one way or another, as opposed to reducing low altitude lift and increasing high altitude lift)Thanks...- daniel
  8. No prerecorded chatter. Ok, no 2X. Thanks...- daniel
  9. Was watching a friend demo this software, and became intrigued...A question, though; during transmissions (user to program/ai to program) I noticed that the distance to waypoint did not change. I think I remember reading somewhere that Radar Contact is written in Visual Basic. Is this because Visual Basic is limited in performing two tasks at once?The reason I ask is; there was a considerable amount of AI set and the aircraft overflew the waypoint, and went to the next one, but the Radar Contact screen did not advance to the next waypoint. RC 4.03 tried to vector us back to the previous waypoint, until we requested direct to next route.I'm really enamoured with RC4's ability to fly STARs, and am thinking about buying it myself...- daniel
  10. For some time now I've been feeling the lack of something when entering turbulent conditions. I think perhaps adding some rattling sounds might help to alleivate this. I used to have a program that did this (forget now what is was called) but I found it had a frame rate hit that I didn't like. I was wondering what I'd have to learn to make such a program, perhaps a .dll that detects turbulence in FS9 and then triggers the sound. I'm not adverse to learning a programming language to do it either, as I have some experience there.Any ideas on what path I might take?- daniel
  11. No actually, I didn't realize I was only running B533. Have updated now. As it only happens once in a while and at varying locals, I'll try a few flights and see if it happens again. Thanks for the reply.- daniel
  12. Hi,[With ASv6.5 and FS9]Starting a flight at PHNL:PHNL 101253Z 05009KT 10SM FEW038 BKN070 23/17 A3009 RMK AO2 SLP189 T02330172The clouds appear, but the winds, pressure and temp remain ICAO standard (29.92, 15C and calm). It doesn't matter how many times I push refresh or reset AI, it never changes. I have had this problem erractically in different locations around the world, but not constantly. I have a registered version of FSUIPC, and am using wind smoothing. Thanks...- daniel
  13. I've got an ATI/Sapphire 9800XT 512M card that a couple of years ago was $700 and pretty cutting edge. Now I find it's a bit dated, and the performance not so hot. I'm not looking to spend very much (around $150 or so) on my old system, just want to know if I can get a meaningful boost with something a little more current. There should be some cheap stuff now that blows the doors off that old thing, isn't there?The rest of the specs:P4 2.8 800fsb2G RAMThanks to anyone who has an opinion... - daniel
  14. Hi Brian,Yes, I would be very interested, thanks. I'll send you an email.You might have to explain it how to apply it all to FSBuild, as I don't use (or trust) the airliner profiles that comes with it. When you speak of ISA I assume you mean 15C at sea level, with an ELR of 1.98C per 1000 ft. Is that correct? Colder air is denser, and therefore easier to climb in, but heavier to fly at altitude in. That makes sense to me, and something I had not really considered before.I'm taking a commercial aviation course/licence, with many of the instructors that fly for Air Canada and their feeders. We're just getting in to weather in flight planning, although I'm sure it will mostly pertain to the Cessnas we fly for training. I know that all the flight plans generated for them are done by dispatchers use some crazy software, and I've been given some flight plan dispatches for this course. The one I'm holding right now is a Dash 8-100 plan from Toronto to Baltimore, and it's about 20 pages long. Absolutely amazing stuff!! It's so complicated (and so in-depth) that I can't imagine how you'd be able to reproduce it without such software. Their focus is obviously down to the closest pound of fuel they can get to... Which seems like the issue with these ultra-long routes. At any rate, I will email you and see if I can wrap my head around the data you have. Thanks again...- daniel
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