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  1. Ok thanks, but I cannot understand why, for relatively minor updates, we should download the entire installation package, remove the previous version and then reinstall again. It is a quite strange decision IMHO. Bye.
  2. Hello, I am currenly running a "old" SandyBridge i7 2700k at 4.7Ghz and thinking about of upgrade to Skylake family. Don't know if worth it or not. I have not upgraded so far because of hot temperatures under OC with next Intel CPU families (IvyBridge, Haswell and Broadwell). I don't have water cooling so 3rd, 4th and 5th Intel CPU families were quite difficult to run for me under air cooling system (Noctua NH-D14). Now, I am interested in this new family, I read somewhere that Intel had improved thermal features but I cannot know if connection between DIE and HIS is Sandybridge like or not. Does anyone know about OC temperatures with high-end air cooling system? Thanks. Bye.
  3. Hello, thanks. I have just checked the current installed version: it is the January update, I don't remember the build number. Is there a way to get the incremental update without download and reinstall the full package? For some reasons the FSX:SE running PC is not connected to the web by broadband connection. Thanks.
  4. Good morning, I had connected to the net my FSX:SE running PC last night and the PMDG operation center noticed me that new updates for my hangar (777-200LR and 777-300ER) are available. I could not understand what kind of, but it looked like strange. I have just seen in the PMDG official website that last service updates available for 737NGX and 777X are 1d, which are currently installed on my rig (I can run either 737NGX and 777X on FSX:SE). Has the build no. maybe changed? Where can I find more detailed information about the updates that PMDG operation center is giving me notice? Thanks a lot, bye. P.S.: my request is due to connection problems I have with FSX:SE running PC. I would like to download service updates from another PC and then install those updates (.exe files?) on the FSX:SE running PC. Only way to do that is to download the entire executable file, unistall the airplane and then reinstall again versus install only incremental updates? Bye.
  5. Stunning as always Marcelo, many thanks for your awesome job! Bye.
  6. I am trying right now this setting: - AA Mode: AA_MODE_METHOD_SUPERVCAA_64X_4V12 - Transparency filter: 2x SGSS For now, but let's see what happen at the arrival airport (KLAX by FsDreamteam), it seems to be lighter than 8xS + 2xSGSS. I have not appreciated the image quality (compared than the other setting before) yet. Could anyone explain what kind of filter is exactly the AA_MODE_METHOD_SUPERVCAA_64X_4V12? I tried to get some info but no response on the net.
  7. Hello, am I wrong if I state that this kind of setting is heavier compared than 8xS + 4xSGSS o 8xSQ + 2xSGSS? Anyway, I guess you are flying smoothly because your CPU is pumped up to 4,7Ghz, I don't think this good result can be achieved by other users who run their CPU at lower speeds. But I am interested to give a try. Bye.
  8. @Winky. It is "another world" mainly because you got a super high-end GPU (GTX680) in place of an older one (HD 5870). It is obvious there is no race between those. Anyway, I strongly suggest you (to get a more stunning graphics, as you have a powerful card) to try this setting: 8xSQ + 4x sparse grid supersampling. Bye.
  9. Hi Robert,did you understand why you suggested me to try graphics setting with that link... At all...
  10. Anyone with huge shimmering playing graphics settings posted above in this thread? No matter if I use 8xS + 4xSS or 8xSQ + 2xSS, only way to reduce positively shimmering is setting 2x sparse grid supersampling or 4x SGSS. Unfortunately this has a huge impact on fps, expecially when in VC with PMDG 737NGX.Very very hungry.This problem is greater in some airport addons, less in other... I have just formatted and reinstalled FSX on a separate HDD. It is absolute plain, just two or three airports installed and only the PMDG 737NGX, no other.Cannot continue with this annoying FSX.My specs:I5 2500K @ stock clockGTX560Ti OCP8P67 DeluxeHDD WD Caviar Black
  11. Sorry guys,just a note about this. To get sunlight reflections and water effects it is needed (at least) a FSX water effect setting of 2x Low or can I get them with 1x High?
  12. Hello guys, hope someone will give me help.I need to use transparency filter 4x sparse grid SS in nVidia Inspector to fix various shimmering problems in many addon sceneries.Well, unfortunately this filter has a huge impact on fps while flying over the water(*).Downgrading water effects in FSX menu to 1x High give me an incredible fps gaining (about 20-30 fps) but the water looks very very ugly and boring. No waves, no sun light on the water, only a static blu that reminds me the FS2004 default water.Do you have some advise for me? I don't want quit the 4x SGSS but I would like also a better water effects, not this ugly one I have now.Many thanks, your help is very appreciated!Bye.(*) = I use REX water textures @ 1024 pixel, FSX water effects @ 2x Low and just installed Bojote Shader 3.0.
  13. Hello, I have followed this intersting guide. Just two notes about that. I have always choosen both vSync and Triple Buffering ON, while in this guide are set OFF. Does It allow to an acceptable fps increasing (with OFF)? Which are minus points about chossing OFF in terms of:a. graphics quality;b. stuttering problems.Thanks, bye.
  14. I have followed this configuration guide too but unfortunately get lot of shimmers using both 8xS + 4x Supersampling or 8xSQ + 2x supersampling. Then I tried SUPERVCAA 64X 4v12 and must say it reduces about 95% of shimmers or, anyway, most important & annoying ones. Unfortunately (again), it has a huge impact on fps, about 10-15 fps (in VC). I did an approach using VC and until about 100 ft above ground my fps stayed very high (about 22-24, blocked with Antilag at 25), but beyond that point it reduced much until 13-15.Different story about using 2D, where the impact is quite low.@WallysWorld: did you see a so huge impact? I have a GTX560Ti too.@everyone: there is some transparency filter less than SUPERVCAA 64X in terms of fps impact but with a good resolution of shimmers?
  15. Thanks a lot Maarten, really interested to your repaint and hope it will be available soon. Bye.
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