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    FMC and magvar

    Hi Bob, not so sure you're fully correct, I have been using the FSX MAGDEC.bgl, for a while now, in old and new payware and freeware sceneries have had absolutely no problems with ils alignment, its all been an advantage to me because all the runway headings now match up to my 2005 Jeppesen charts. I decided to do a test at a default stock fs2004 airport with the FSX magdec, I wanted one that should have had significant shift so chose Ted Stevens in Anchorage, Alaska PANC and sure enough the centreline of 06R had changed from 067 to 069 however I could follow the ils localiser right down perfectly lined up with the centreline (i had not changed it in Afcad)of 069 degrees (069 in my LDS FMC too), however it did still see that the 'MAP VIEW' in FS2004 was still showing 067. Going to do some more testing.Mark (LBA ATC)
  2. Jet2

    FMC and magvar

    Hi Malcolm, sorry to but in and forgive me if i've got the wrong end of the stick but I have a feeling I know what your talking about. All the latest Airacs are based on the latest navdata in the world, the poles are shifting, the magnatic variation's changing (was 4 degrees west for me last year, now its 3) hence the navdata you have is up to date for this year, new magnetic headings and all. The flight simulator world in FS2004 is based on 2003 data, hence some runway centreline headings, ILS approach courses etc will be different in your 'up to date' FMC (or up to dat Jeppesen charts!) than what you're actually seeing from you're heading indicator, some of the latest payware scenery corrects this as it is 'usually' designed with the latest data.A good fix that I use is one you can only use if you own FSX ( I own it, have it installed, but never use it and still use FS2004). From your FSX/BASE scenery folder copy the 'magdec.bgl' file and paste into FS2004/SCENERY/BASE/SCENERY (back up the original first just in case!) you'll then be using 2005 MAG data in FS2004, i've not come accross any problems with it yet and it matches my 2005 Jeppesen Airway Manuals. Give it a go! Kind RegardsMark (LBA ATC)
  3. Jet2

    CAT I Landing

    Hi Norman, thanks for the response. I do fully understand it make's no difference to the sim, as do many other things in all aircraft add-ons, its just that 'visual' that adds that bit more realism (you can at least pretend to be doing a CAT I like the pro's!) Would be great to see this implemented in the future. Thanks again for your response Norman, I always read the PSS furoms and have found your posts/responses most helpful, hope you all at PSS are enjoying the 75 as much as I am (bar a few unrealities!!)Regards Mark (LBA ATC)
  4. Hi all, first post in the AVSIM forums for me but i'm becoming frustrated with this little issue and would just like to know if there's something or nothing I can do about it, will make me feel better!Wanted to know if it was possible to execute a CAT I approach on the autopilot in single channel mode down to DH before manual disconnecting and 'handing' her down, every time i try this on arming APP mode on the MCP as soon as pass through 1000agl the remaining 2 autopilots automatically engage even though I dont want them to and LAND3 is annunciated. The Ils I was approaching on only had CAT I cappability hence a triple channel LAND3 would not be authorised. I know certain software vendors certain boeing software has an option for automatic triple channel engagement which I obviously have checked OFF so I can manually engage LAND3 should I wish, can't find such a PSS option. So really my question is this; is there a way to stop the autopilots automatically engaging in LAND3 mode? Thanks for your time!Regards Mark (LBA ATC)
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