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    Been flight simming since FS95, can't get enough! Wannabe pilot but not able, so make up for it with FSX. Enjoy flying for VAs and virtual mil outfit. Never enough cash to get all the addons I want...
  1. I've just reinstalled the 747-400X on FSX:SE. Version is 2.10. When I try to select the aircraft, however, I get an error, saying PMDGOptions.dll is not found, and FSX crashes. I have checked and confirmed that the relevant file is present in fsx\pmdg\dlls. Any ideas on what might be going on? It seems to be being called from PMDG_747400_Main and PMDG_747400_Overhead, which are in the Gauges folder. Edit: Looks like this is solved. The wrong dll.xml file was being updated. Having copied the relevant settings over, all now seems OK.
  2. Folks, anyone out there know of a repaint of the A320 into the BA Chatham Flag livery? The packaged Benyholme is one of the better ones of the tails collection (in my opinion), at least on this aircraft, but I would like to get up to date...Thanks,Ian
  3. Got it! Thanks Norman,Ian
  4. Norman,Thanks for the info.I'll have a root around and check the Avionics settings. Apologies for the name bit - I forgot!Ian
  5. This may have been covered before - if so, apologies, but I haven't time at the moment to trawl through the lot! When I load up my Airbus A319/320/321 for a flight, I immediately switch on battery power, and then ground power if available. However, I cannot use the radios (e.g. to get clearance, listen to ATIS) until I start the engines, which is a bit late to be getting taxi clearance! Anyone know why this is and what can be done about it?
  6. I looked at the assignments, and it gave me Doors-main and Doors-Other or something like that. Set up a combination for the Main doors,and L1 and L2 opened when I hit the keys. Not too bad. When I hit the other combination it opened all the doors on the starboard side and the cargo hold doors - a bit over the top, I thought. I then noticed when I hit the combination again, that those doors closed but the two emergency exit doors on the upper deck opened instead... bizarre! I used Shift+D for the Main and Shift+E for the Others. Just wondering if Shift+E means something elsewhere...
  7. Thanks, Jim, I'll give that a go when I get the chance.
  8. Michael,Thanks for the info. I'll have a go and see what happens. have to say that the 747 looks fantastic so far. One small gripe though - no opening doors! Guess I've got too used to some of the others I've been getting to know.Ian Pearse
  9. Just bought the 747-400 - amazing! I've bene working my way through the cockpit procedures to get this baby warmed up and ready to go. One question though - I seem to see what looks like a pushback gauge at the end of the pedestal... but I can't seem to get it to do anything, and can't find any reference to it in the manual - help??!
  10. Jim,Yes, you're right - I had the wrong aircraft model - no stairs! The fuel planner I wanted was something like the Excel sheets I used to use for my Dreamfleet 737 and PSS 747. Anyway, I'll check out the one you suggested, thanks.Ian
  11. And I've got a couple of queries... firstly, I followed the instructions in the manual and set up the suggested key combination for the stairs... but nothing happens... am I missing anything? At the gate, door open, engines off, apu running with power on..? Also, I'm toying with the idea of converting the fuel preparation/planning bits in the manual into a spreadsheet to do my fuel planning - but I'm missing a vital bit of info - what would be a reasonably accurate basic operating weight to start with? Alternatively, can anyone suggets a rady-made fuel planner for this aircraft? I've not had it long but have to say it's looking good.Ian
  12. Nice shots, my mouth is watering.... can't wait to see the finished product. One query though - where are the Rolls Royce engines then??:-hah
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