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  1. hello friends,So i took from a friend memory i checked it with "memtest" and it had no erors .I was so happy to see it, and i was excited to try the "fs9". I took off and after few minutes... cras and burn....):errr
  2. The memory has warranty..tommorow i'll get another memory from a friend and hopefully the problem will be solve.thank'si'll keep post
  3. ok its a problem..I've checked with memtest and it has found errors..(errr)probably i need to replace the RAM and afterward i'll see what will happen.thanku all for the help!!!!
  4. here are some pictures of the spec'thank's
  5. 95% of the crashes are leading to reboot , 4% freeze thats leave us with 1% blue screenI thought that it may be the ram but i dont have anotherone is there a program that can check the ram to see if his good?thank's
  6. I'updated everything from motherboard to vga card, and yet i cant find the problem.coul'd it be the hardware? mempry? vga card?thank's
  7. but still its the same ...crash and burn
  8. hi, thanks for the help.I've reinstall pmdg from the begining.ofer
  9. hello friends,my fs2004 is continuing in his crashing!after i had some problems with the computer i decided to format him , i reinstall the fs but still it has his own life.only the fs is install without any addons except pmdg737-600/700.any suggestion?p4 30001g memoryati9800pro latest driverthanku,ofer(i know there is a lot of topics about it i searched but still nothing)
  10. hello to you all,I have got a problem with FlightDeck Sound Effects Panel.I did all what have been writen in the readme file, step by step. But when i started the game with b737-400 its open normally than i pressed the button for the panel and amazingly the game went out to the desktop..Any sugestions? :-hmmm thanku in advance..ofer
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