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  1. the problem has now returned! cant understand whats going on. i run a really clean installation with no add-ons or tweaks. is anyone else seeing this? its seriously annoying not being able to change any of the aircraft options!
  2. adamv66


    so basically this failure does nothing? just places a warning on the EICAS?Adam
  3. adamv66


    The failures option for fire/overheat detection systems for the engines does not appear to function correctly? if the fire detection system is failed in an engine and a fire subsequently occurs, the normal fire warnings are still displayed....Adam
  4. thanks liam. after a couple of re-installs and restarts the problem seems to have just gone away!
  5. So i guess that means i'm the only lazy one who sometimes loads her up and blasts her off with absolutely no prep at all! haha! thanks vangelis Adam
  6. Hi,I've noticed a change in behaviour of the thrust limit protection in the 747X compared to the FS9 version. In FS9, when simply loading up the 747 and applying full thrust (without setting up FMC or anything) the thrust will increase up to the TO limit but not exceed it. However now in FSX if you do the same thing and apply full thrust, it goes sailing past the TO limit to engine limits of greater than 117 N1. Is this intentional? I would have thought that the same thrust protection should apply to prevent damage to the engine etc?Adam
  7. Hi ryan,tried with no success. incidentally, I also went back and searched my flight simulator x folder for any pmdg files left behind after uninstall and removed these manually too (there were a few .wav files and fx files). i also noticed that when i restarted fsx after reinstalling that i didnt get the confirmation pop-ups like i did the first time?adam
  8. hmmmm... odd! i keep restarting and trying again and its making no difference... was working fine before i reinstalled the updated version...
  9. hi,having problems with the aircraft options in FSX after re-installing using the updated version. none of the options i make seem to take any effect and are just discarded when i click "ok". trying to change CRT to LCD and enable ground power for example. anyone else come across this?adam
  10. where is it possible to obtain the regular virgin atlantic livery shown here? looked on the livery download page and only managed to find the special repaint?
  11. During my flightsim career I must have flown into and out of EGLL thousands of times but I noticed something the other day I hadn't noticed before??? Viewing from approx. the centre of the airport and facing a heading of about 155 there appears to be a hill?? Maybe a mile away or so?? Near to the M25 motorway?? It might have been there all along but it seems a little odd and I don't think there is anything like that in real life (I live in the area)... Just wondering if i've maybe done something to screw up the scenery files?? I'm using default FS9 scenery - no addons.... I would greatly apeciate it if someone could advise if this is meant to be there/normal??!! My attached screenshot shows what I am referring to!!adamhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/170620.jpg
  12. adamv66


    Tried installing the projectai installer today with little success.... I keep receiving what appears to be an error message but it is in french so struggling to understand what it means!!"Le m
  13. adamv66


    Thats very helpful thank you!! I havent yet made the jump to FSX so I only have to worry about FS2004... looks like it makes things a bit simpler!Another question regarding AI... Now i've started paying more attention to the AI traffic i'm wondering if there is any way to control the way the traffic utilises certain airports. In particular, for example looking at runway use London Gatwick... In real life only 8R/26L is used, however i've got traffic using 8L/26R as well... How would I go about disabling the use of this runway for AI traffic?? If at all possible??
  14. adamv66


    They look good thanks.... can you only use one or the other?? or is it ok to use airlines from each one??
  15. Hi,I have been into the flight sim series for quite a few years and am quite experienced with various add-ons etc but one thing I have never experimented with is AI traffic.... having seen some screenshots recently with lots of realistic AI in them I would like to find out more..... can anyone point me in the right direction with regards to the most popular programs/add-ons (either freeware or non) or a guide on how to add AI into flight sim?? I'm a bit of a novice on this front!Many Thanks...
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