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  1. This is the RTWR's 10th Anniversary ... (2003 being the first year, we have to include in it in the count) ... never the same twice and hands down the best online event in any arena from Flight Simulator to online Checkers.I suppose that would be because it's "Live" ...No do overs, and situations that demand immediate resolve that come out of nowhere (for the most part) at places in the sim world that are new and unfamiliar.All of your instinct and attained knowledge exercised to it's fullest as well as all of the fine descriptions already posted here of the taxation on your personal flying skills, and desire to not let the team down.Shoved through a funnel created by that year's rules ... It's like all of the energy you can muster is being drawn and pushed at the same time and you have one shot to make the right directive ... 24/7!No way to replicate that with anything that I know about.Would have to include the priceless byproduct of the camaraderie across the entire community even if for just a while during the year. I'd really love to see ... one year soon perhaps ... the baton and wingmen of each team flying on the same server.For quite a few times in the last few races we could have literally waved at each other .... we were that close.Last year there was only 5 minutes that separated 2nd and 3rd ... this after running flat out for 5 days straight ... and I lost count of how many times the lead changed hands ... just incredible excitement!Brilliant and absolutely free ... one must participate to "get" what would take volumes to try to explain in writing.The experience can not be conveyed .... it simply has to be captured through being there in person.
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