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  1. Could i also get the Gauge, Jim ? Regards from Greece MFG2 Joerg
  2. hallo jd,i interrupr my fly from EDDN to LGAV,because i want you to say,that my first to do in the morning,is at 1. reading your answer 2. understood yor answer3.i has it practicle moved your answeryour answer is like always top !it everything functions impeccably !thank you very much !!best regards an have a very good christmas joerg
  3. hallo rcv4-friends,before a view days the program runs faultless.indead i have 2 new programs install : level d 767-300er and AES (aerosoft).so far i informed me to this programs.there is no problems known.tough the mistake is there.i hope somebody knows the problem.thank all for interest !regards joerg
  4. hello jd,hello eduardo,it's done !I look forward to the extensive manual.furthermore a lot of success to your work!best regards joerg
  5. hallo eduardo,thank you for your input,but there's no way.if i copy and paste my key into the button under "receive your key" ,the programs does not eccept this and shut down.now i have deinstall the software,with shut down the pc and install oncemore.now the software installed is version 4.2,tough the cd version is 4.0 ? very difficult,indead.i hope you can give me a second chance to do it on the right way.i have just seen the other ID-number is now changed.so it's cannot correctly.what can i do? of course another key for correct id.but is there the chance realy? best regardsjoerg
  6. hello,i'm a beginner of this program.before i want to run to registration i'm sure to make an update to version 4.2.so it's in my flightsim magazin, named FSMagazin,described.the rcv4_3831.zip i have downloaded,but of course it's wrong. so can somebody shows me the correct way to do this ?because i wan't the key install new.lot of thanksjoergsorry for my very bad english,but it's better than my german ! ;-)
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