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  1. Well, I actually suspected that it had something to do with being on an SSD because that was the common denominator between a few people that had it. So yesterday, I put FSX onto my regular HDD (the one with Windows 7) and the problem stopped. It's got something to do with SSDs or Windows 7 being on a different drive or something.
  2. Shane, Marcus, and Paul,I think I may have figured this out. Shane, I know you have an SSD. Do you have FSX installed on the same drive as Windows 7?Marcus and Paul, do you guys have SSDs? If so, do you have FSX and Windows 7 on the same drive, or is it on a different drive?Brandon
  3. Bringing this one back to see if anybody can help solve the issue. I'm having the same exact problem. It's ONLY occurring with the FT/Wilco ERJ and E-jets - no other FT/Wilco/PMDG/Whatever products. I've tested it with CH and saitek controls, and a microsoft joystick. They all cause the same problem as previously described by others. Can anybody think of any solution to this? I'd really like to be able to fly these aircraft again. Thanks,Brandon
  4. >Tell you what:>>Fly it by EPR and not N1, you will save the engines.>EPR is engine Presuure Ratio, and if you set up a flight and>do not use any derated take off or calculate flex, EPR max>will be 1.71 to 1.72, and your N1 will be 97%Thank you. I tried that, and did not de-rate the takeoff or anything. In fact, I pretty much can't de-rate the takeoff. As I said, the highest EPR I can get out of it (even with no temperature set in the FMS t/o page) is about 1.42. As for the brakes, I'm not going to go messing with the cfg files.Thanks.
  5. After you move in the VC, I find it rather difficult to get yourself centered correctly again without pressing space, which resets the whole view and the default view from the VC makes it look like you're in a booster seat. Plus, all other developers have that, so it's what I'm used to.
  6. No, I'm saying the overhead pop up from the VC - there isn't one. Also, you asked how I calculate N1 from EPR. I didn't, I looked at the EICAS. It says em both. When it says 1.42 EPR, I show about 93 on the N1 - and yes, the engines were stable. And lastly, when a 757 departs SNA, they hold the brakes, put it up to full thrust, and let 'er rip. Same at Princess Juliana Aiport. When I hold the brakes with full thrust on this 757, I can easily get the plane going about 50 knots.
  7. Excuse me, George, but you obviously have trouble reading. Maybe that Hooked on Phonics program I see on TV is good for you? I did not claim to be an expert, nor did I say the package was horrible. I was pointing out problems that I had with it.Norman, I have logged about 4 hours in a Class D 757 sim at United's training center in Denver, and that's what I'm basing that off of. Also, what about my question/problem with regards to the engine thrust ratings? Brandon.
  8. Whatever, what I don't understand is why these problems happen. I understand, bugs are inevitable, however, things like the autobrake problem and the thrust issues with the FMC...that I don't understand. That should have been caught in beta. And remember, the callouts were the least of my issues with this plane.Brandon.
  9. I'm just going to list a few things that are highly unrealistic.The brakes cannot hold the plane a full thrust, not even a little bit.When the FMS calculates takeoff thrust, it is supposed to give you the highest maximum thrust allowed by the EEC until you de-rate it. The highest I've gotten with any and almost all temperatures is 1.42 EPR which is like 93 something N1. You cannot even make it go higher unless you take it over manually from the EEC.The startup is just off. The timing is wrong, it just doesn't feel right. The autobrakes stay on after landing until you manually turn the switch to disarm or off. They should disarm after you either tap the brakes manually, or take the plane out of reverse thrust.This is unfortunate. I really thought you guys at PSS would pick yourselves up from the 777. Guess not. There's also one more thing that I have a personal problem with...actually two. From the VC, there is no Shift + key to bring up the VC, you have to go back to the 2D panel. And, the last thing, no callouts.Brandon.
  10. I'm really not sure why that is...it's a nice, quick, and easy touch that goes a very long way in making the product look better. I'm sorry to hear that.Brandon.
  11. What's up? I don't get any callouts for 80 knots, V1, VR, or V2. Were these modelled? Am I not getting them because I had the cfg file issue thingy when I was installing?Thanks.Brandon.
  12. corny357

    757 GA

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Jumpseat? How did you pull that one off Norman? I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. Hmm.Brandon.
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