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  1. Worked... thanks, I keep forgetting that with Win7.
  2. Every livery I try to install crashes the livery installer. Can't figure out how to search on the forums so I can't say I've successfully looked for a fix. Any ideas?Thanks,Joel
  3. The first checkpoint was about 1 mile N of the airport. I departed south and did a 180 to go back to the waypoint.One thing I did notice... when I asked for clearance to take off I didn't get the typical "cleared for takeoff" but rather "request received". I then sat for 10 minutes with a clear runway waiting, no other A/C either arriving or departing, got tired of waiting and just took off. The controller switched me to Brisbane Control and they told me to proceed as filed. Not being a pilot, I'm not certain I'm following all the correct procedures. When I received the "proceed as filed" I turned on the autopilot (GPS) and off I went. RC has been very predictable until this flight.Does IFR or VFR have anything to do with it?
  4. I'll have to check that sequencing. Auto pilot turned me just before the waypoint. Isn't there a proximity (i.e. 2.5 miles) around a waypoint that "counts" as crossing the waypoint? If I ask for direct to Darwin what happens to the other waypoints in the LA flight plan?
  5. I was flying across northern Australia and was flying GPS between Cairnes and Darwin. I was 30 miles into my route, right on track and began getting repeated calls telling me I was off coure and was ordered to do a 180 to head back until I had nav data (paraphrased). I did that and flew the 30 miles back to Cairnes... went back to my flight plan. At the same point RC began harping about my course. My flight was VFR using low altitude airways, flying via GPS.Any idea why RC was calling me an idiot for being off course? I'm not saying that I'm not an idiot, I just don't know what I was doing wrong.
  6. Thanks JD, I really do appreciate the rapid replies from you. Within a couple minutes of asking the callsign question I was able to answer the question. I'm VERY impressed with the product. Although some of the transmissions aren't realistically spoken (so what?), the content is accurate. I tried the hover thing to get tool tips to show up to mirror what I saw in the manual and haven't been able to find that particular hot spot. In the forum I've seen comments about 4.4. It's either people using the wrong version number or me eyes.I'm not a big fan of the other flight planners. They don't seem to do all that much more than the basic FS planner.Thanks again,Joel
  7. Noted differences and a few questions...1. There isn't a "Check For Updates" button. Should there be one in version 4.3?2. Plane Data - what do you select if you're just GA vice Commercial?3. How the heck do you get tool tips? 4. I keep seeing reference to v4.4 Is that an update I need? 5. The manual addresses ASV, they're up to ASv6.5, is there anything to add?6. Can one just use the stock FS route builder vice FSBuild?
  8. Nice, got my registration and all seems to be working. Now I just have to adjust with this more realistic ATC.
  9. Thanks, received the email link this morning. Now I'm doing the registration thing and waiting for the registration email. Just curious, is the registration automated or is the reply manually done? Regards,Joel
  10. I'm having this same problem... but it's not email related. I paid for the download on Friday, Jan 4... still haven't received the email download link yet. Chalking it up to the weekend, but the website is pretty specific about 24 hours. Maybe they should add a comment about weekends.
  11. Thanks Barry... but what I meant was for FS9 to remember where multiple aircraft were. For example, if I park both the Pilatus and King Air next to one another and I load the Pilatus... I can see the King Air parked next to me. I don't think there is a way to do that.MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!
  12. I was hoping that there was an addon that allowed you to save the positions of select aircraft. I know about saving defaults and being able to continue from a location. Just wondering if there was a way for FS9 to remember where aircraft were left. It seems to me that an addon like this would be out there someplace. But maybe not...Thanks for the info.
  13. I fly a Pilatus PC-12 and a King Air 200 from Hesperia, California. How do I get FS9 to have a memory about where they are parked?Can I get FS9 to have a memory about ALL aircraft? If I leave something in a particular airport will it be there until I move it?
  14. The only program having problems identifying my gpu is FS9. Even FSX sees it ok. I'm assuming that something happened to FS9 and I'll need to do a complete reinstall, a pain in the butt but it seems it's necessary.
  15. >Joel,>>Go about this, and specially #2 and #6>>1: Un-install your drivers.>>2: Run DriverCleaner + CCleaner> Ccleaner: http://www.ccleaner.com> DriverCleaner:>http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=745>>3: Delete your FS9.cfg>>4: Reboot computer, and upon startup, cancel any request>windows makes saying " New display adaptor found">>5: Install your new drivers.>>6: re-install DirectX>>Now fire up FS and see if your issue is solved.>>_________________>>Regarding your drive, if its already showing signs of>dying, my advice, start backing up your data and replace>it.>>Tried it all and still don't have a video card listed. Thanks, can I try a second install?
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