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  1. I am looking for an experienced 3d modeler with an eye for detail to become part of a new team standing to produce a small commercial jet aircraft. This is the last position to be filled as part of the founding members.PM me if you are interested and can provide examples of your work.
  2. Look for anyone interested in joining pilots starting a new group dedicated to the flying of private jets. Looking for people that have out grown the daily grind of VA's set schedules acars programs etc. Looking to start a community/club corporate jet watering hole. Just a site that you can find others to fly with as you operate your aircraft how and where you want to operate it.
  3. Their desktop yokes that you clamp onto your desk run around $450 and then higher for actual pedestal mounted yokes like in the aircraft. They could also offer duel linked for cockpit builders like me. Actual cost remains to be determined.
  4. I have acquired a pair of Citation Yokes out of a late model Citation 550 and have offered to provide them to a Aircraft Control Engineering (http://www.737yoke.com/ visit their FB page for pictures) to make copies and make available to those of us who prefer to fly something other than a Boeing or Airbus product. As part of the due diligence of this offer ACE would like to see if there is enough interest in such a product. I have created a poll to gauge the interest level. You can view their Facebook page for an idea on pricing.
  5. I have my aircraft set to the Engine off setting. After I start the APU and start the engines I can not seem to get rid of the R/L GEN OFF, R/L GEN DRIVE warnings to go away I can not figure out why these on the over head will not turn off. Also the NO LAND 3 is illuminated. Can anyone shed some light here? Maybe I am doing somthing wrong prior to startup.
  6. Nobody has ever had this problem?
  7. Ok so in all my haste to get going with FSX I uninstalled EVERYTHING FS2004 related thinking man I will never touch this gain, only to realize an hour later that its FSX that will be taking the backseat for a while. So I have reinstalled FS2004/Ground Enviornment/PMDG 736/7/8/9 and FSNavigator. Now comes the troubles on EVERY flight I fly I keep getting this RWY/APP CRS Error which is normally proceeded by VNAV Approach error or somthing to that effect so my aircraft does not pick up the ILS, this is pissing me off and I never had this problem prior to the uninstall. I am not a noob at this plane and I have tried everything even a reinstall. I have the latest AIRAC but still no go. Does anyone what might be causing this bug?
  8. We have filled the modeling position and we are now in need of one more programmer someone familar with transfering infromation from the sim to outside sources such as a database.
  9. High-G studios is looking for 1 more aircraft modeler and a guage programmer/designer for our new line of high performance aerobatic aircraft. If you would like to learn more or if your interested in joining our team contact me at mbadger@highgstudios.com or visit http://www.highgstudios.com we are a new team but talent packed and we are looking to add to it.
  10. High-G Studios is looking to a couple more talented designers to join our small team of 4. We are looking for 1 more modeler and 1 Scenery Designer. If you think you are up to the challenge than please submit your resume to us: mbadger@highgstudios.com Only those with samples need only apply.Our primary design tool is GeMax.
  11. Does anyone know of any other sites etc where one can meet like minded people who are interested in developing future products for fsx? Im looking to form a small team for an aircraft line but I do not poses all the skills required. I am a graphics and modeling guy and have been doing it for many years but I would like to meet other skilled model makers and guage guys etc to bring my ideas to life and hopfully make us some money along the way. If someone could point me to a better site or forums etc I would greatly appreciate it!Thanks
  12. Thanks guys, the actual buildign a little ways off. I am moving to Texas to start a new job with company that designs interactive training materials for commercial pilots and one of their latest contractswas for several 787 products so I am looking forward to it. Right now its all about information and research. Ive wanted to build a cockpit since I was very young when I got a chance to play in a full 707 mockup at a local museum. I knew from those days that one day id have a full setup of my own.
  13. I am lookign for dedicated and expirenced members to join a team for potentiol payware release for a future FSX I am looking for a couple modelers,and guage designers. The project will be for the new Boeing 787 and cover the entire family.I have currently launched a site for building a full mockup of the 787 cockpit for use in FSX but would like to take this further. Visit www.sim787.com and click on Join Team if interested.
  14. Well after following these boards for the last 6 months and wanting to build a flightdeck for what seems like forever I finally decided to pick the plane and start the research. So what did I choose...the amazing Boeing 787 (Specifically the 787-300).I
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