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  1. Great, thanks very much Ben. Could I ask you to post any others you can get/have? I'd especially like the ZFW/FOB for domestic flights. I have the routings for EZY domestic flights already.Thanks againRegards Irv320
  2. Thanks Ben,If anyone knows the ZFW and/or fuel loads for any other BFS flights, I'd really appreciate those too. Please post Flight No. and load details. RegardsIrv320
  3. Any chance of the following flight plan?OK7684 / OK7685 Belfast - Salzburg - BelfastCheersIrv320
  4. Andy,Thanks for the FP's - they're always appreciated!Thanks for all your help.RegardsIrv320
  5. Hi there,Couldn't get both 718&719, but the route is the same:BAW710 EGLL-LSZH A319 06.10Z FL390 SPD 454EGLL..DVR.UL9.KONAN.UL607.KOK.UM150.DIK.UN852.MIRGU.UT407.BLM..LSZH/0102BAW711 LSZH-EGLL A319 09.00Z FL180 SPD 349LSZH..VEBIT.T51.LASUN.UT10.RLP.UL613.DIDOR.UT420.ALESO..EGLL/0105Regards Irv320
  6. Thanks once again. I really appreciate you posting the FP's.Hope this isn't being cheeky, but could I request a few others?HMS 8175/8176 Plovidv-BFS-PlovdivOS 9367 Innsbruck-BFS & return (sorry, couldn't find flight no.)LS393/394 BFS-Chambery-BFSMany thanks once againRegardsIrv320
  7. Many thanks EGCC. And thanks for the other FP's you've posted for me - forgot to thank you for the last set.Regards Irv320
  8. Hi all, I'd appreciate it if you could post the following flights to/from EGAA (Belfast/Aldergrove):MYT908 Tenerife-Belfast and returnEZY6779/6780 Belfast-Krakow-BelfastFUA1325/1326 Lanzarote-Belfast-LanzaroteEZY6811/6812 Belfast-Venice-BelfastEZY6747/6748 Belfast-Geneva-BelfastMany thanksIrv320
  9. Hi folks,Looking for the following flightplans for today (Saturday)LS393 Belfast-Chambery and return LS394EZY732 Belfast - London Gatwick & return ezy731Many thanksIrv320
  10. Irv320

    BA to Mauritius

    Hi Stephen, here's the MRU-LON as promised:BAW122 FIMP-EGLL B747/Q/R DEP 07.00Z FL310 SPD 508FIMP..PLS.UM609F.TIBAG.UA609F.APKOT.UA609G.VEMAR.UA609.DO.UA609.ATOLA.UM609.KISAK.UA609.ITKID.UA609.NV.UG650.NAK.UB612.EPLAS.UB612F.TAPOS.UB612F.ORNAT.B21.KARUB.B21.INDOT.UM622.MLT.UM622.GZO.UM622.KAPIL. UM622.AJO.UM733.KOPOR.UT426.DIMAL.UT420.ALESO..EGLL/1124Enjoy!Regards Irv320
  11. Irv320

    BA to Mauritius

    Hi Stephen,I haven't got the FP's from the dates requested, but here's today's flight to Mauritius. I've been checking the route for about two years after going there myself on the BA flight and it doesn't change much:BAW123 EGLL-FIMP B744/Q/R 15.45Z FL310 SPD 491EGLL..MID.UN615.XAMAB.UL612.MILPA.UM730.TOP.UL50.KAFEE.UL50.ELB.UL12.PAL.UM742.GZO.UM732.NAVLO.M732.DOLFI.B21.ORNAT.UB612F.EPLAS.UB612.NAK.UG650.NV.UA609.KISAK.UM609.ATOLA.UA609.VEMAR.UA609G.APKOT.UA609F. TIBAG.UM609F.PLS..FIMP/1047Will try to post the return tomorrowregards Irv320
  12. Hi folks,Am looking for some more Easyjet flightplans, namely:EZY6775/6776 BFS-AMS-BFSEZY6789/6790 BFS-SXF-BFSEZY 733 LGW-BFSEZY6755/6756 BFS-AGP-BFSWould appreciate any of these you can give me, esp. with FL and SPDMany thanksIrv320
  13. Andrew, thanks for your latest post - fantastic! Thanks very much.CheersIrv320
  14. Many thanks Andrew for those FP's. Much appreciated.Irv320
  15. Many thanks for those. Would appreciate anymore if you can get them.Thanks again.Irv320
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