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  1. >Hello,>"FS startup my Harddrive is rattling for ages like it is>copying files">>try :http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/Filemon.html>>it will trace the file accesses(use the filter option on FS9),>when accuring save the filemon and open it afterwards in the>product , it can help to find what is going on.>Hope it helpsHi Emile,Performed the Filemon.exe with FS9 indeed you receive alot of information, is it possible that I send you the log file since I simply get any wiser (Or tel me what to look for)Regards,Johan
  2. Ok, will try that this weekend, let you know if anything pops up.OO defrag has been removed so it's not running in the background.Now I also should inform you that I cannot reproduce this behaviour.Last weekend started the sim at KBOS with AI enabled 100% after 5 seconds stuttering started and could't perform a decent takeoff.Now 10 minutes later after restart exact same flight frames were decent and no stutters, no reboot done, only restart FS.regards,Johan
  3. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=16704
  4. Hi,My HD is Maxtor 7400rmp (SATA), no ticking just rattling sound, i have OO degfrag installed and use the file option, I defrag my HD appro every 2 weeks.I have only one HD, and windows XP is set to handle the page file, used to be fixed to be 1 1/2 size of memory, but I did't see an improvement.I only have this problem with FS2004, other games like MOH or working wih large Image files doesn't slow down this system. I heard about a texture folder which could be empty but all folders have textures according to Flusifix, only the addon scenery texture folder doesn't contain any BGL files. As far as I can remember this all started with GAP3 dusseldorf airport addon, but even after reinstalling FS and a format this still occurs.I've also tested the HD with the tool provided by maxtor and no HD issues appeared.I hope you can give me a solution.
  5. Hello,I have this weird problem with FS2004. Most of the time I have huge impact on fps (average 5 even with default scenery + aircraft).Also whenever FS startup my Harddrive is rattling for ages like it is copying files. Flying is nearly impossible. On the other hand sometimes after a reboot I have no problems at all. Please note that last year I never encountered these issues and I had the same hardware setup.Machine is Shuttle SB83G5 (intel 915g express)Pentium 4 530 processor (3.0ghz)2* + 500 MB DDR RAM (total over 1GB)X700 Video card (not the best but was good enough)I tried reinstalling, reconfiguring, etc .... also I'm using the performance clouds but they didn't change a thing in fps. Hope somebody could point me out in the right direction to solve this issue.Kind Regards,Johan
  6. Hello,Since I'm learning GMAX now, I was thinking of modeling a small airport in Belgium. But I need building pictures, if you have some pictures of EBCI (Brussels South Airport) could you please mail them to johan.cop@gmail.comThanks in advance,
  7. >Hi,>>FYI, it is hard to keep track of multiple users in the same>thread. In the future, please start a new topic, even if it>the same problem!>>Go in your ASG options and see if it is still set for 64 bit>clouds and DXT textures.>>Hope this helps,>Jim>http://www.hifisim.com>http://sales.hifisim.com/pub-download/asv6...development.jpg>http://sales.hifisim.com/pub-download/asv6-banner-proud.jpg> http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannersupporter.jpgOK, sorry about that will try this weekend the settings you adviced.regards,Johan
  8. Hello Develop team,I also have a huge impact after using SU2, since I couldn't find what was causing it I reinstalled FS9 but not the activesky setup. When I started with AS, it was version 5 then received an update to AV6 still no issues but after the SU2 I got stutters, and an average fsp of 7, before my average was around 24. Does the SU2 update changed the clouds backt to 32bit, or does it preserve the clouds installed, I was using the lowest resolution and dxt compression.regards,Johan
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