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  1. I have all UK200 installed OK Flightbeam KSFO and KDEN HD OK Zurich 2 OK Malloca OK BUT Fly tampa Corfu and Justsim LFMN have installed below Orbx Vectors in scenery library - they did install at top of scenery libaray in 4.3 so what to do here - manually move them some 150 places up -sigh...
  2. ... it was something obvious! If you get this reset the defaults in Options - Key Assignments. For some reason all the shift+number views had been deleted.
  3. Unless I'm missing something obvious I cannot get any of the shift+ (number) shortcuts to work since updating to v4.3. I notice there is no S340 update in my account area version since v4.3 came out, but have reinstalled a freshly downloaded version anyway, with no change. Anyone else found this?
  4. I have v1.2exe installed, but do not get a voltage reading with ext power selected on. With ext pwr on, and batteries off, the aircraft is still cold; no voltage at all. There is a good reference here: https://sites.google.com/site/sf340com/elec I have my sim loading from a default global C&D. According to this, from cold and dark, when the GPU is connected and giving >7V the blue ext pwr avail light should illuminate - it doesn't. The voltmeter should show the ext pwr voltage before applying it to the aircraft, it doesn't. The external power is directly linked to the start bus, then this powers the left bus. So with ext power on, the right battery on, no lights enunciate. Putting the left battery on appears to link the external power to the left bus. This is modelled. The main bus voltage for the left bus only shows when both the left and the right batteries are on. The first engine start (if GPU not used) relies on the batteries in series giving 48A. The second engine start takes 24V from the batteries (now in parallel through the automatic bus tie relay operating) and the remaining 24V power from the first engine generator. The cold and dark option using 'shift+6' seems to deselect 'ext pwr avail' blue light when the GPU is selected. If you chose 'Systems' using the 'shift + 6' shortcut the panel state shows ext pwr avail blue light when the GPU is connected using tow car and static elements. It still does not show ext power voltage on the voltmeter. So v1.2 doesn't work for me Rob; the lack of finishing touches has again spoilt an otherwise useful short haul prop for me. Andy
  5. Just sent pm Bert - thanks greatly! Andy
  6. OK just landed at LAX great flight no problems at all.Cracked it by leaving FMC set up until after FO before start flow, and entering ZFW before MACTOW.You are right - printed flows need to be revised, including Markus Wienmann's.Now to try FO T/O.Still waiting for bird strike...Andy
  7. Thanks for clarifying this for me - I'll have another go and let the FO do his thing before completing FMC setup.Thanks for another great job with FSCREW 767!Andy
  8. Waited a day or two to see if others have this problem - guess I'm the only one so far so it must be me!Following the tutorial to the letter, and everything goes great - until I need to eneter MACTOW, rounded down as suggested into FMC - just won't accept it.Finally found it will acceppt it AFTER ZFW entered but doing it in this order throws FO before start flow out.I have SP3 installed, and have run 767 config.Tried uninstalling and re-installing fscrew.This has happend five times in a row - same problem each time - help guys I want to get off the ground!
  9. Thanks for the sugestions, but:-I can't see cargo doors in the pull down menu.Do you mean via:Alt -> PMDG -> General -> keyboard commands ??I mapped the stairs using:options -> controls -> assignments then mapping the concord nose settings. Works fine. But no cargo doors here!-hmmmAndy:
  10. I just had a similar problem with the PMDG sub menu 'keyboard assigments' disappear after trying to reassign a keyboard command. on't come back either. I was not running FS passenger at the time. Can't get it back at the moment.Andy
  11. I've seen several postings about the possible use of shift+E, 2 to open rear and cargo doors. Like many of you I can't get this to work. Imagine my delight to find that the FSCrew FO opened them for me. Unfortuanetly this was in flight. Seems to be linked to one of the check lists.I have found a suggested fix (guage on main panel) in the forum, which hopefully the PMDG team will take on board.Meanwhile has any one found a way of controlling the rear and cargo doors?Andy
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