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  1. cbtaylor

    RTWR 2019 Interest

    Will do, Eamonn. Thanks!
  2. cbtaylor

    RTWR 2019 Interest

    Count me in. Have a new PC and am running FSX:SE. Very stable now, which is a nice change of pace, and everything works like it's supposed to. Speaking of which, did something happen to the team forum, or my membership therein? I no longer see a link for it when I log on here at AVSIM.
  3. Pilot: Craig Taylor (cb) Simulator(s): FSX Weather engine(s) for each sim: Active Sky 2016 Rookie/veteran: Veteran
  4. cbtaylor

    RTWR2018 Race Administration

    I volunteer to back up Jeff and Nick.
  5. cbtaylor

    Duenna V2.0.2018 R162

    I realize others' mileage may vary, but my Duenna worked correctly on my second practice flight after setting to run as administrator. I'm running Win10/64 Professional with Norton Security.
  6. Crashed. Baton transferred to wingman. Not sure what happened. Could not input throttle changes or flaps with either the CH quadrant or keyboard. Very bizarre.
  7. I have the baton EDOP to EDDI in the SOH F7F-3 Unarmed
  8. Flying wing EKTS to EKKA in the SOH F7F-3 Unarmed
  9. cbtaylor

    FSJoin update!

    Thanks Roman! Same here!
  10. cbtaylor

    FSJoin update!

    Thanks Roman. So now I have two icons - a JoinFS (presumably 1.4.6) and a JoinFS Test (the one you just recommended). Which one do we use for the race- or practice?
  11. cbtaylor

    FSJoin update!

    I downloaded and installed 1.4.6, assuming it was the latest release. Hope all goes well tomorrow.
  12. I'll try to get the latest versions of everything (TS, FSJoin, etc) installed Friday so I can practice Saturday.
  13. cbtaylor

    Interest in RTW2018

    I'm in!
  14. Wingman down safe at SAZS FlightLog_22-21-08.TXT