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  1. Dear Mark : many,many,many thanks.Despite I am 64 years old I have found the aircraft config. file . I have studied all the afternoon in order to open this file . I managed ( ...the hard way ) to open the file : correction from "speedbird" to "speed bird" and........victory : ATC call the right way . Again really many many many thanks . You have given me a great help .Maurizio
  2. In my actual configuration the line atc id = speedbird . I don't know the way to change to speed bird . Thanks .Maurizio
  3. Hi all . I run the PMDG 747-400 CD version. If I plan a flight with a British Airways livery , ATC call me only with the number of flight and not with the company name ( speedbird ) and number of flight . This happens only with British Airways livery . With all other liveries ATC calls work the correct way .Please : what can I do ? Thanks .Maurizio
  4. Hi all . Need to know ATC company name for British Airways flights.Thanks.Maurizio
  5. Hi Al : understood........!!Again many,many thanks .Maurizio
  6. Hi Al,I try to explain the "fifth digit".PC time display : "18.03", plane clock time display : "18.03.1", and the "fifht digit" change from 0 to 9 every 6/7 seconds . I have seen FS Real Time web site and I think that I shall buy the program . Really many many thanks.Maurizio
  7. Hi all.I run PMDG 747-400 in the CD version.I have two problems:the clock of the plane run slower than the real time,and I don't understand the meaning of the fifth digit in the time display.Can I have some help?Thanks.Maurizio
  8. He Steve,with your help I have made a LIRF-LIMC flight and I have performed the whole procedure you sent me .Wonderful : right capture of LOC , right capture of GS , correct landing . Really many , many THANKS .Maurizio
  9. Hi Jhonmreally I don't understand . Another attempt no good . I have entered runway17l in fmc and I have activate it . No more actions . In the downwind leg ( given from ATC )I have had a look to the NAVRAD page and the frequency of ILS was in large fonts ( without the "park" word )and an "A" letter beside. I was quite sure to be on the right way . When on the heading given by ATC to intercept the localizer I pressed LOC : another time the autopilot don't captured the localizer . I don't understand . Thanks for your help.Maurizio
  10. Hi Steveanother complete defeat . You wrote me : " I made a 10 ml rwy ext and entered that with an intercept course to track of 171 which is inbound course " . I don't understand where you enter the intercept course , and I don't understand which way you have had to find the intercept course .Perhaps I need a step by step procedure in reference to LIMC's 17L runway .In my last attempt I have set 10 ml in the dash line under 17L and nothing else . I have seen in the leg page : discontinuity and , under , 17L171 . On the ND was shown TX17L.I have made no more thing . Turning with the ATC instruction for intercept runway 17L I set LOC . The autopilot don't captured the LOC.Be patient . I would like very very much to solve the problem.Maurizio
  11. Hi Steve,a question before the attempt . In the LIRF-LIMC fly , which waypoint must I select in the leg page in order to make the waypoint intercept course ? Thanks .Maurizio
  12. He SteveI am not sure to know the right way to do an intercept course to a waypoint . If you can help me I will be very happy.Maurizio
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