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  1. Hello and thanks for your reply. I have just installed a brand new PC and obviously everything has been re-installed from scratch.Really frustrating this issue of mine!! Regards.
  2. Can someone please help? I have for some time now had this issue of FS9 not shutting down when I use the Engravity CDU with PMDG 737 800/900.If I don't use the CDU this does not happen,so I don't know if it FS9,PMDG or the CDU!!This means I have to end the process in the task manager or turn off the PC should I decide to restart FS9.This has been an ongoing problem for a considerable time so any advice would be very much appreciated.Thank you.
  3. The subjects of this post are excellent products without a doubt,but I have a burning desire to resolve an issue I have been experiencing for some considerable time now,so any advice would be gratefully received. When I use FS9 after switching on the PC everything works well. When I exit FS and restart it the CDU will not power up.I have two options to get it to work. I can end the process in the task manager after exiting FS and then restart FS or, restart the PC. This isn't a major problem just a bit of a nuisance that I would like to resolve. If I disconnect the CDU, FS shuts down automatically everytime. Although this started on my original PC, I have since installed a brand new PC,and it is still happening.Can you help? Thank you. Alan.
  4. Sorry all!!I made a mistake about the panel light on the OHP in PMDG.It is just another software issue with another manufacturer that I will sort out.Thanks.Alan Watson
  5. Hello allI am using PMDG 737-800 NG and have done so for a number of years.A problem has occurred with the panel light. When I turn on the switch on the OHP, the panel lights do not come on.Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you. ALAN WATSON.
  6. Thank you.I will try that next flight.Regards.
  7. Hello allCan someone tell me why when I turn off my PC a windows message reads "End program-fs9.exe"? Followed by "PlaTasks.exe-DLL initilization failed"?. This only happens when I have used fs9.Thanks everyone!!!PS my name is not NAVRAD it is Alan Watson and I will change this soon.
  8. Hello all. I have for some time now experienced an issue whereby I exit FS9 and perhaps a bit later decided to fly again,only problem is the CDU will not wake up. I have to turn off the PC to get it to work again. I can use the CDU again and again if I keep FS9 running it only happens when I exit FS. Any advice would be good.Thank you.
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