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  1. karltaverner

    Complete Unistall 320 Aeorosfr

    Hi All i have had the same problem , i have uninstalled the VFX central but after re-installing im still getting the same message , i have changed the preferances within VFX to just use P3DV4 , i now get this message "You need to have at least one compatible simulator installed to use this product. Please refer to your product's manual." im now stuck as i cant uninstall it and start again because i get this message each time Regards Karl
  2. karltaverner

    [30MAR15] NGX Updates and some other News Bits

    Hi All Sorry if this has been asked before , but I have gone through the forum , with the new update for the NGX , do I have to re-install all my liveries that I have entered before or does it not effect them Regards Karl
  3. karltaverner

    Not Normal

    Hi All Ill try that , thank you for your help Regards Karl
  4. karltaverner

    Not Normal

    Hi All I have recently installed MD11 on a brand new computer but when I start it, I go to cold and dark panel and after starting Battery my PFD has non English readouts ie:31AAA with dots above the A Can you let me know why this has this problem and how I go about getting it sorted Regards Karl
  5. karltaverner

    PMDG operations cntre

    Hi All having a problem with the operations centre , when I click on it , (running as admin) Windows 7 , all I get is the arrows going around the globe and nothing else , which means I cant add any paints to my PMDG 777 that I have bought, I have updated it through this option but again nothing Please help Regards Karl
  6. karltaverner

    PMDG Operations Center 1.6.1 - report issues here

    Hi All Ive looked as best I could to resolve my issue , but can you help , when I start the operations centre all I get is the arrows going around the globe but that's as far as it goes Regards Karl
  7. karltaverner

    Operations centre not working

    I also have a problem with the livery manager for the 737 , which it keeps crashing regards Karl Taverner
  8. karltaverner

    Operations centre not working

    Hi All When I downloaded the 777 this weekend it was working , but now when I try to open it all it does is just try to load wit e action of the arrow going around the globe , and that's it , please can you help Regards Karl Taverner
  9. karltaverner

    Boeing 747-400F

    Hi AllMany thanks Dan with the help , it has now been found.Karl
  10. karltaverner

    Boeing 747-400F

    Hi AllI downloaded the 747-400F , entered it into my folder for FS9 everything is fine , butI cant find the load manager ( i have had Paul from PMDG trying to help me sort it out) i was just throwing it out to the forum to see if they have any answers as to where it would be.Karl
  11. karltaverner

    PMDG 747-400

    Hi AllI am having trouble with the above , i am writing out a plan in the fmc but when i press ARR/DEP for LHR i get error EGLL 0252 unknown (i think its that number) for DEP but a full list for ARR yet i have put in the latest AIRAC only 5 mins before.What am i doing wrong?Thanks in advanceKarl BAV0221
  12. karltaverner

    Starting engines

    Hi AllI have just purchesed the PSS B777 from Just flight and i am trying to start the engines according to the manual , they both start as they should but when applying thrust to taxi one engine appears to stick and does not power up so i end up just turning on 1 engine Please helpKarl