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  1. Okay I bought it and it works flawlessly !! Auto pilot, auto landing, manual landing everything and super fast frame rates, great job PMDG!!
  2. Thank you Gentlemen for your helpful replies, I get a better understanding now of this product and it seems more and more "in line" with what "new" released aircraft are behaving today within FSX with its 4GB maximum memory capacity. For sure we have to adjust all scenery settings and more if we don't want to have OOM problems. I have the PMDG B777 and with this bird I never experience any problems so I guess it is very close to the same behaviour of the new V3 B744. Thank you BudBud for your tip on saving first and ....finish after ! That's something so simple that I have missed to do because you don't really think about it as an option or at least....I don't! LOL Enjoy your weekend! Frank Di Candia
  3. sorry I forgot to confirm with you if you actually have flown using 16X acceleration and no issues with it?
  4. I Kevin I mean the scenery settings as per range, mesh, etc.etc I usually turn traffic down to 30% and lower what I don't really need. this is what I meant. thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, I own version one of the beautiful B744 and never had problems with it. Before I buy version 2 which looks very nice I would kindly like to know two things: 1. what is the maximum simulation rate you can have with this model, useful for long flights, 16X ?? Or maximum 8X?? 2. I also own the iFly 747V2 and this bird gives you error memory problems if your settings are not properly set, does the PMDG B747V3 give the same problem or not? I hope someone can answer these questions. Thank you in advance! Frank Di Candia
  6. LOL Excellent!! Thank you Fabo. This is great news.
  7. Okay if this is the case this is wonderful news! Anyone else can confirm? Thank you Capt.Kevin! Frank Di Candia
  8. Hello everyone, I own the version one of Queen of the Skies and I am planning to purchase version II for FSX. I am not sure if I can keep both versions on my FSX or I will be prompted to uninstall the older version?? Please if anyone can kindly advise. Many Thanks. Frank Di Candia
  9. Frankd1

    B787 disappears after installation!

    Thanks Mike for your reply, I have now solved this problem. First of all I would like to point out that the Aerosim support doesn't even answer e-mails! I had sent them a detailed mail with all the requested info but no reply. In any case it appears that if you install this plane with the .exe file installer, somehow, it may happen, like in my case, that FSX doesn't recognize some of the .gages files so if you don't get at the beginning the usual screen that asks you if you OKAY the new gauge file and add it to FSX as a "trusted" file the plane will not show the next time around or if you try to choose another livery, it basically disappears from FSX!! So what I did I install it manually first by installing the package in top a temporary folder then moving each file, effects, gauges, plane etct.etc. in each corresponding folder in FSX. When I launched FSX I choose the Aerosim B787 and finally got the familiar screen that asks you if you are okay to run the new gauges. and the problem was solved. I must have un-installed and installed this plane at least six times before I tried this. In any case, this is the last time I buy something from Aerosim, they provide no support to their customers and the plane is a nice interior plane with nice modelled cabin which I like but there's no more than that pleasure, the rest is very basic for a highly priced model. I hope to see later on in the market something more professional. Many thanks again and happy flying! Frank :wink:
  10. Hello, I've just purchased this plane last night and something strange, never happened before with other addons, I can select and fly the plane only once then If I change livery it doesn't show in my selectable planes anymore!! I have checked in the simobjects files and I see that the aircraft cfg. file is gone? Why? The rest of the plain is intact just the cfg file is gone! This is weird I had backed up the file in question and I have tried adding it to the two folders, each one for the GE or RR engines, and still when I want to select it from the list AEROSIM planes are missing. This where I have to uninstall and re-install again if I want to fly this bird. Why this is happening? I have tried installing it turning everything off including firewall and antivirus but no change! Can someone help me? Many thanks!! Frank