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  1. Skyline51


    Hey all,I'm in a bind! My older computer just isn't making a good go for FS, and until I win a lottery or something, a new rig is out of the question. A friend of mine suggested 'unification' and I went to the site, and it looks to be what I'm after, but I don't think it is still up and running. I sent an email, but it bounced back. I searched this (and other) forums, and it seems that the latest account was back in late last year (06).Does anyone know if the service is still up and running? And how I can get in touch with them?Cheers,Jim
  2. Skyline51

    T7 Panel

    Thanks for the help Matthew, much appreciated!I'm about to give it a go, will report in a bit.Jim
  3. Skyline51

    T7 Panel

    Thanks John for the quick comeback, I did do a search, but I guess I used the wrong key words as I could find anything that fit my situation; and to which sticky are you referring to?Jim
  4. Skyline51

    T7 Panel

    Gentlemen(Ladies),I've just installed the T7 pro, and wanted to take it out for a spin, but I've got a bit of a bug to sort out. All of the panels (CDU, RAD, and PED) all show up behind the main panel! Even the panel switcher and Disp switcher won't show up infront of the main panel! The only one's that do are the setup panel and the o/h. Can anyone think of a reason/fix for this?On a second (and totally different) note, I was wondering if any of the paint gurus could come up with a paint scheme for a T7 in the Canadian Pacific colors? Cheers,Jim Allan (CPC608)FS9.1WIN XP sp23.0 P41 Gig RAMGeForce7800GSOC (512mb)
  5. Skyline51

    contact points

    If I may jump in for a similar question: In the CalClassic Dc6 there is 2 contact points that I have no idea what they are: point.7= 5, -30.90, -5.250, -7.300, 1600, 0, 0.00, 50.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.00, 3.0, 3.2, 0, 0.0, 0.0point.8= 5, -30.90, 5.250, -7.300, 1600, 0, 0.00, 50.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.00, 3.1, 3.5, 0, 0.0, 0.0gear_system_type=0I've never heard of a '5' value.Jim
  6. Skyline51

    Ooops...I think

    Thanks for that! It had me worried!Now to address the problem of a floating plane....arg :-samurai :-samurai Jim
  7. Skyline51

    Ooops...I think

    Help!I've gone and done a bo-bo! In an attempt to fix a 'hovering' DC6 (see attached), I've been using the nav light method. Each time I've had to close down FS and then bring up my .cfg file to edit it. No big whoop there. But, by mistake, I've checked the use this program box when telling XP to read the cfg file with notepad. Now, all of the cfg's are shown with notepad icons instead of the configuration icons. To this end, I don't think FS is reading them as a cfg file.:-zhelp Any ideas here to fix this would be great!Cheers,Jim
  8. I had a big problem with it as well. I think the problem was the navigation file. When you get a new ARAC and unzip it...its an executable. Problem is that its not in a format the A400 likes :(So when you install the ARAC, do so in your downloads or somewhere other than FS (BTW download the Feel There CRJ file). Open the file and rename the files to the following: ARPT.FTD > Airports.dat RWY.FTD > Runways.dat INT.FTD > Waypoints.dat NAVAID.FTD > Navaids.dat INDEX.FTD > NavData.IDX PROCS.FTD > Procs.datCopy that file to ...WilcoA400MNavDB.That 'should' solve the CTDT.Cheers,Jim
  9. Skyline51


    >Have you decided which platform the MD-11 will run on ?>>Thanks!IMHO, I'm hoping for FS9, as I'm still not sure MS has worked all the kinks out fo FSX. I've seen programs that will work on maybe that the way to go.Jim
  10. Skyline51


    Mike et all:The reason I replied to this and got it going again, is that I'm fairly new to the sim world, and love flying 'older' planes. Currently, I'm flying the 707 and an old version of a C130. I just figured a MD-11 would fit into my fleet nicely.>"What
  11. Skyline51


    I echo Mike's oppinion here. I too, would love to see the MD-11 in the extended range, as I'm not a great fan of the heavy tin like the 747/340s. I would like to see if the production team would reconsider. What's a another few monthes ;)Cheers,Jim
  12. Skyline51

    SkySimulations MD11 SP1.

    Hi Dillon,You seem to be the guy with a majority of the answers, and considering that SKYSIM isn't quick to answer...I'll ask you, ok?I've just bought and installed the MD-11 (and I believe it has the patch already in the install), and I took it up for the initial test flt. I ran into a bit of a stuff-up. My a/p wouldn't engage! For the life of me I can't figure out why. Along with this, my radios were frozen as well. I couldn't change the freqs.Any ideas where I've gone a-rye?Cheers,JimP.S. I've seen on other forums that there is a HUD available. Have you seen it? I havn't the fogiest where THAT might be (no mention in the manual)
  13. Skyline51

    A400M Awesome!

    John, if you can remember how you fixed the a/p, I'd appreciate the info. Re the weights, I'm going to change those now. Its a nice plane, just wish Wilco would back it up! I can't even get into the forum. It just has me fill out an incendent ticket and sends it to the "team":-hang Cheers,Jim
  14. Skyline51

    A400M Awesome!

    >As always, a sim about an aircraft that hasn't been built yet>is bound to fail. ;-)Dave, I wouldn't say it has failed, just that Wilco needs to get on the ball and fix the bugs.
  15. Skyline51

    A400M Awesome!

    I've just had my second run with it, this time just a tad over 1000nm vers just ccts. I'm still not sure. I had nothing but problem with the A/P. I couldn't get it to work! I had to fly it by hand!:-( I'm not a great fan of the Load manager either...didn't seem to have any effect on the performance of the plane. The last point I have, is the lack of eather a tutorial or manuals. One or both of them would be a great add! That micky-mouse 35 page pam. just didn't quite cut it for me.Just my thoughts. >Them and a nickel may get you a ride on the TTC...but I doubt it!