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  1. Hi, I have been at EHTX, EHAL, EHEL, EHSE (seppe) and EHBD (Budel). Best regards, --pim
  2. Hi All, I just tried it at KSEA with 35 live traffic for about 10 minutes. No issues so far. I'll give it another try tomorrow. Best regards. --pim
  3. Hallo Nico, This is the log file: Best regards, --pim ----------------- Tue Jul 7 07:53:30 2020 (utc) PSXT (64 bit) version 18.0 for Prepar3D v4.5 ***************************** parameters ***************************** ADD_ORIG_DEST=false RANDOM=true ALWAYS_GND_TRAFFIC=false MAIN_WINDOW_X=402 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=137 PARK_GROUNDSPEED=20 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Jul 7, 2020 PROGRAM_VERSION=18.0 INSTALL_PATH=E:\live traffic ALWAYS_ON_TOP=false SYNC_FPS=true HEAVY_MIDDLE_AIRCRAFT=true LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=true HELICOPTERS=false INCLUDE_NOTYPES=true LOG_MATCHING=false LOG_APF=false AUTO_MODE=false LIVE_IF_USER_AIRBORNE=false LOG_PARKING=false COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND=true COLLISION_USER_GND=true UPS=28 FLOOR_ALTITUDE=-1000 LATERAL_RANGE=40 BLOCK_CALLSIGN= LIVERIES_FOLDER=E:\AILGenerator\liveries AIRPORTS_FOLDER=E:\PG\airports FLIGHTPLANSFOLDER= ********************************************************************** Reading airport data from "E:\PG\airports" "E:\PG\airports\ENBR.xml" could not be loaded Reading airport data from "parked_updates" 10031 airports found 6 aircraft heights read from "C:\Users\Pim\AppData\Roaming\PSXseeconTraffic\avg_heights.txt" Waiting for data provider to connect to PSXT ... Waiting for Flight Simulator ... Expected objectId user aircraft: 1 Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5 connected Data provider connected Aircraft type information read from "data\types.xml" author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 18.0, date: May 22, 2020 Wingspan information read from "data\wingspan.xml" author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 18.0, date: Jul 4, 2020 *************************************** liveries summary *************************************** 1788 liveries read from file "E:\AILGenerator\liveries\AI_liveries.xml" author: AILGenerator, version: 6.1, date: Jul 7, 2020 91 registration codes found in the liveries of the user generic Boeing liveries for 2 types: B744 B748 generic Airbus liveries for 3 types: A21N A319 A320 no generic Embraer liveries no generic Bombardier liveries no generic ATR liveries no generic Private liveries 386 unique airlines, 94 unique aircraft types Default livery set for aircraft category Heavy, type B763, # liveries: 57 Default livery set for aircraft category Middle, type A320, # liveries: 323 Default livery set for aircraft category Light, type PC12, # liveries: 6 No default livery found for aircraft category Heli ************************************************************************************************ 28903 registration codes added from "data\regcodes.xml" author: AILGenerator, version: 5.1, date: Sep 14, 2019 User aircraft title: Prosim Airbus A320 PBR 2020_EasyJet User aircraft model: A320 User aircraft half wing span: 17.8 meter Connecting QNHReader to UDP port 49004 ... QNHReader connected Connecting TrafficReader to UDP port 49003 ... TrafficReader connected ? No QNH found in Q0 QNH=1013 User on the ground at airport EHAM, standing still The parking airport is: EHAM (AMS) Out of business information read from "data\outofbusiness.xml" author: Nico, version: 3.0, date: May 20, 2020 ===> Counted # real live options 2196 differs from value 2223 in the file, corrected Parkpos file "parked_updates\EHAM.xml" for Schiphol author: ParkPosGenerator, version: 11.0, date: Thu Aug 22 supplier: Fly Tampa 193 parking positions, of which 167 real live parking positions (86%), of which 0 soft positions, with 2196 live options last update: Jul 7, 2020 07:54:08 There are 120 parking positions with an option at 8:00 (utc) 48 parking positions to be filled (24%) No parking at C10, no livery match for SAS A20N No parking at G8, no livery match for TFL B788 No parking at G73, no livery match for IRA A306 No parking at B51, no livery match for KLM E190 No parking at H3, no livery match for EJU A320 No parking at H4, no livery match for EZS A319 No parking at B64, no livery match for KLM E75L No parking at B36, no livery match for KLM E190 No parking at B56, no livery match for KLM E75L No parking at B91, no livery match for KLM E75L No parking at B35, no livery match for CSA B738 No parking at D26, no livery match for BAW E190 No parking at B54, no livery match for KLM E75L No parking at B23, no livery match for VLG A20N No parking at B52, no livery match for KLM E75L No parking at D22, no livery match for BAW A20N Can't add KLM E75L to the airport file, livery not available PHKIO* PH-KIO GRQ -> PC12 airborne not detected, no ON_GROUND msg received, change status to ACTIVE 07:54:34 Simconnect Exception (?!) # 24, sendID 1911 AFR124M* F-GRHM AMS ->CDG A319 airborne not detected, no ON_GROUND msg received, change status to ACTIVE 07:54:34 Simconnect Exception (?!) # 24, sendID 1913 07:54:34 Simconnect Exception (?!) # 24, sendID 1914 07:54:34 Simconnect Exception (?!) # 24, sendID 1916 07:54:34 Simconnect Exception (?!) # 24, sendID 1917 07:54:34 Simconnect Exception (?!) # 24, sendID 1919 Error objectId in update 0 07:54:34 Flight not running ... 07:54:34 Flight Simulator no longer connected, PSXseeconTraffic will stop ... UPS=29 Exiting: SIM WAS CLOSED QNH Reader has stopped Traffic Reader has stopped 07:54:35 "parked_updates\EHAM.xml" saved and sorted *************************************** live traffic livery matching summary *************************************** Tue Jul 7 07:54:35 2020 (utc) 14 liveries needed 71% (10) were completely matched, of which 10% (1) upon registration code (r) =s= 2 liveries for airline and similar type generated =x= 1 random livery for type =d= 1 default livery generated The missing liveries were for the following airlines and type codes: KLM B78X KLM E190 QTR A35K ******************************************************************************************************************** MAIN_WINDOW_X=402 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=137 Tue Jul 7 07:54:35 2020
  4. Hallo Nico, I have the same warping effect on my system. Standing at the gate I am suddenly in the air. I loaded 17.6 and that went fine, except that the errors about a heart-beat lost. I am running PSXT on a networked PC. Going to the latest 18.0 download did not help, it warps again to a plane in the neighborhood. I notrce that because of the TCAS warnings. I am running P3Dv5HF2 and ProSimA320. Hope you can fix the problem soon. Best regards, --pim
  5. Hallo Nico, For some reason or another the number of parking positions got changed from 35% to 1%. Best regards, --pim
  6. Hallo Nico, Recently the parked aircraft is no longer appearing. It used to work and I have no clue why. See the log file at: https://1drv.ms/t/s!AvPEgR39R19mlBKOmqh06rlm5Fzd?e=K692Th. I just checked LSGG and there the parked aircraft appear. Best regards, --pim
  7. Hallo Nico, This is also happening to me. II am using FLAi, ASN and P3DV4.5. I did a couple of flight from EDDF to EDDB and in midflight a CTD. On another flight from EDDF to EDDB I turned on PSXT mid way and then the flight continued without a hitch. Later I parked the plane on EDDF and then after some 15 minutes a CTD. It looks to me that one of the AI planes is causing trouble. I will post a log next time it happens. Best regards, --pim
  8. Hallo Robert,Since PMDG does not want to release the internals Project Magenta is for most 737ng builders the only way to go. You may want to look at: http://www.737ng.co.uk/ because this gentleman is using the PMDG plane and emulating the overhead logics with his own hardware.One final consideration: after you have purchased and build all the hardware for a 737ng flightdeck, the cost of the PM software is maybe 10% of your total expenditure.Good luck with your project.Best regards,--pim
  9. Hallo ???,You have to terminate fs_com, then change the key assignments. Also take a look at the forums at www.cpflight.com. The standard stuff (MCP + EFIS + Radio's) is all working without any problems for me.Best regards,--pim
  10. Hallo Manny,All you have to do is to get the 737kbd.ini file from either Patch5 or Patch6 (depending what version you have of the 737NG, and copy it over the existing file in the PMDG folder, start FS, load the PMDG737NG, start FS_COM and you have fully working MCP + EFIS.The only functions that don't work are FO's course and FD controlsBest regards,--pim
  11. Hallo Mike,The Engravity panels (captain
  12. Hallo Mike,I recently bought the CPFlight MCP and EFIS modules and I can report that they are fully compatible with the PMDG 737. The reason that I went for the CPFlight modules is that they will fit the Engravity panels and that CPFlight also sells radio/nav/atc modules, plus an interface board that can be used to wire up a MIP.I wish you success with making your decision.--pim
  13. Hallo Freek,To turn it on you have to click on the switch below it (Panel Lights). Of course, you need power first.Best regards,--pim
  14. Hallo Phillip,I am aslo using VFR Netherlands and the two don't seem to go together very well. Since I am a DutchVACC member I am well aware that they recommend it, together with the Cloud9 scenery. I hope that the nl-2000 team will come up with a version that only has the airports, because e.g. the default EHEH scenery is pretty horrible.All the best,--pim
  15. Hallo Anthony,You have to rebuild the database in RC4 (rebuild scenery db). Then it will know about all the runways.Best regards,--pim
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