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  1. Hi,Any FSBUS users (or anyone for that matter) know what the message 'fsuipc destination with ID 550 not found' means and how to cure it?ThanksMike
  2. :-beerchug Great news Shez! Love your workMike
  3. Quick response:Many thanks, that sorted it.Must read the manual in future!!! :-roll CheersMike
  4. Hi,Quick question - I've just installed GBv2 and when I go to PAJN Gate 3 there are some cars parked behind the fence, unfortunately they are just grey boxes (also get this problem with baggage carts at other airports), anyone know how to sort it?Apart from that - looks great!!ThanksMike
  5. >Welcome to the AI "Crack House". Trust me, the addiction will>destroy you.>So true ;) I still use UT but also supplement it by replacement / additional flight plans and have replaced all the models with the Aardvark/FSP/EvolveAI etc. models, a very time consuming task but worth it (Big thanks to all the modellers, flightplanners and repainters out there :-wave )I use UT for the Timetables, Routemaps and Compile options.CheersMike
  6. Would love to give some repsonse to how the F1 Super 80 is but whenever I have flown it I get OOM errors :( so have stopped using it...
  7. Subject says it all really...Madeira, Portugal by Toni AgramontPortugal by Toni AgramontCaribbe north by Toni Agramont - just wondered how the 3 sceneries were before I use the bandwidth??CheersMike
  8. Hi,Try adjusting the following settings in you fs9.cfg file (think they go under [DISPLAY] and there was a sticky on the Matrox forum):RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=0.30 //scales edge, center, end,touchdown,runways RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.70 // scales VASI lights) RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.70 // scales approach light bars RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=0.70 //scales RAILs and ODALs) You can play around with the settings to find something you like...Hope it works as I too found it frustrating.CheersMike
  9. Hi,I've now reflown the planned flight and all worked ok, autotuned ok and have sorted the altitude issues :) CheersMike
  10. Cheers guys for the tips - did the classic mistake of ignoring the manual and just reading the quick start :-doh - I was keen to get going!!Will give the tutorials a go...This wouldnt explain the odd frequency though, will give the plan another flight and see if it happens again (can also check my altitudes too :-shy )CheersMike
  11. Hi Ray,It was set for Auto - I will refly the route tomorrow and see what happens again...One other issue is when I am in level flight at the assigned altitude I keep being informed about my flight level even though all looks as it should be - am I missing something else?Starting to get to grips with it and so far I like it!! Love the chatter too!CheersMike
  12. Personally I'd go for Core2Duo as Intel cpus are beating AMD now but you will need a new mobo and probably DDR2 memory, was it AM2 or S939 processor you were considering because the S939 has been replaced by AM2....???CheersMike
  13. Hi,I've just installed and tried this flight as my first test flight, I didnt think it sounded like a valid frequency but pressed 1 to accept just in case. I havent edited any files but installed off the cd then I installed the 4.3 updates and ran the online update button. When I installed the update I have done it for fs9 & fsx so I have 2 directories and put the MakeRwys file in both FS directories, also ran the Rebuild Scenery option.CheersMike
  14. Hi,Just installed and got everything running ok for a test flight, EGNM to EGLL. Flight plan was to go EGNM to POL to MCT to EGLL (simple) but as I passed POL and got near MCT I was advised to contact London Centre on 18.77 so I took option 1 - Ack and Contact but all this did was give me 2 beeps and then I was repeatedly advised to contact London Centre... Any ideas?CheersMike
  15. Its arrived already:D Oh dear I've already got a couple of days off work booked, was supposedly doing some jobs round the house - never mind, they'll still be there next week.Mike
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