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  1. If we're talking 737 Classic, it's at the far left of the panel.If we're talking NG then I'm not sure if there is one.They're nice panels though, especially for the price charged!
  2. There's lots of flightplans here if that's any help: http://www.strontiumdog.plus.com/
  3. Go to the s80 forum, Espen posted a fix for it there.http://s80.flight1.net/forums/default.asp
  4. >>Jeese.....sadly, I'm not surprised. And we wonder why>global>>anti-americanism is at an all-time high....how does this>make>>us look in the eyes of the rest of the world? Greed, greed,>>greed...too bad really....>>>>>>http://www.my-buddy-icon.com/Icons/objects/red_3d_plane.gif>>>>Alex Christoff>>N562Z>>Baltimore, MD>>Not to take this thread off topic, but anti-Americanism is>only high among self-loathing Americans and terrorists. Most>other rational people understand the real dangers in the world>today. >>Now back to software and why you feel it should be>free...isn't that your point, that charging for innovation is>greed? Does any company have the right to exact a return on>investment for new products? Continuing the off-topic part for a moment, me and all my British chums don't fit in either of those categories, but a fair number of us hold fairly negative views about American government and corporations at the minute (although not about Americans as individuals, you guys are just as fine as the next country in that regard), so I think it is fair to say there's a strong strand of anti-americanism about at the moment.
  5. My sympathies to Brian's family and everyone who will mourn his death.
  6. I say good work Level-D, and as ever Daryl well done for your efforts to help users with their issues, even if in some cases that help is not well-received.
  7. The LDS support forums don't seem to be reflecting many complaints so far.
  8. I have the Super80, and I like it. The price differential to the Maddog 2006 and the fact that the Super80 is a representation of a more vintage aircraft swung it for me. Some people do have problems with the Super80 CTD'ing though.
  9. Hi Qas,Your speed is greater at higher alititude, but because the air is less dense the indicated airspeed is lower. IAS is what you see inside the aircraft as that's what's critical to things like stall and overspeed conditions, it's effectively a measure of the volume of airflow over the wings: too much and you break stuff, too little and you cannot sustain level flight. On your PMDG you will see that somewhere, probably on the ND, groundspeed is displayed. If you watch it in zero wind conditions you will see that 250 knots IAS at 39,000 feet gives a much higher groundspeed than 250 knots at 10,000 feet.Hope this helps.
  10. >>Try the brown cockpit patch, it solved the CTDs for me.>>Where exactly might I find such a patch?Here you go:http://www.coolsky.no/super80/download/download.htm
  11. My Captain Sim CL-130 seems to have a bit of a problem - full-throttle does not move it! It will sit there grinding away, rocking on the waves but not actually moving forward. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this?
  12. Try the brown cockpit patch, it solved the CTDs for me.
  13. I went for the Flight1 Super 80, as I couldn't make the mental leap between the
  14. That's the kind of info I was after, thanks.
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