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  1. Sorry, I left out a very important point-You can add the code anywhere in the cfg file, BUT they must be prefaced by the Views heading. See below:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/165499.jpg
  2. add these lines to the panel.cfg of the aircraft you wish change.[Views]VIEW_FORWARD_WINDOWS=MAIN_PANELVIEW_FORWARD_DIR=2.500, 0.000, 0.000The first number in the VIEW_FORWARD_DIR parameter is the "height of the seat". Higher numbers mean higher height.The panel.cfg is located in the panel directory of the plane you wish to modify. I modified the lear, so the file was inSimObjectsAirplanesLear45panelThis worked for me so thought I would pass it along. Although I love the virtual cockpits for the "GA" flavored planes like the Maule or Cessna, I still like flying the Lear and most jets from the 2d pit. The great thing about this change is the perspective is retained when you switch views. Unlike the Ctrl-Q method where the first time you change the view, you lose the perspective.Hope this helps.
  3. I have a "ghetto", ancient P2.4, but I'm having a blast with FSX. Albeit this is with air traffic turned off, but about 10-20% on cars, ferries and boats. Autogen off, but ground textures turned up. My local area (SE connecticut) is stunning! They even got a very small detail right that I appreciated very much ... theres a golf course right off the end of rwy 6 at KBDR (sikorsky) that is in the scenery (it's a par3, no less). It's amazing to me how much they included "out of the box" with this sim.Details like that, along with the moving traffic on I-95, make it so immersive for me. Granted, my enjoyment of FSX will be for VFR only IMC flights, but it's a beautiful sim. I might even get TrackIR in the mean time to enjoy my VFR flights. Plus it will be a blast to use in my newly purchased Realair Marchetti FSX version ;-).Having said this, of course your opinions may vary, depending on whether you fly heavies mostly or not. I like heavies too, so like others, for now if I need that, it's FS9. But the good qualities of FSX cannot be denied.
  4. Hi guys,I'm considering building a new pc now with thoughts of upgrading to Vista in the future. Both XP Pro and XP Media Center edition come with Vista "upgrade coupons". XP Pro allows upgrade to Vista Business edition and Xp Media Center allows upgrade to Vista Home Premium.Prices: XP Pro - $139 XP Media Center edition $109I'm not familiar with Media Center edition at all. Does anyone know if I can disable any "Media specific" features? The fear is I don't want any Media Center specific system hogging services or applications stealing CPU cycles.Which OS would you guys get?Thanks.
  5. Like Allcott saidctrl+qctrl+shf+qalso.. it appears you have to hold the keys down
  6. Hi guys,Thanks very much for everyone's feedback. I think I might give it a try! Unfortunately I have to invest in another harddrive for now, not much though, about $60 for an OEM 160 gig (Newegg rocks!).I figure I'll buy FSX when I do my new system build after the DX10 update and Vista is settled down. Until then, I can learn about sim.Thanks again.Happy flying..
  7. >If you wanted a good chuckle, you could go to New York city>full sliders right. :)Oh come on, I think I could get 20-25 fps. oh - I meant .20-.25 fps :-)
  8. Hi guys,I've read all of the posts on how hard FSX is on everyone's systems. That being said, I'm interested in getting my feet wet with the sim despite my system, no high expectations. I was able to get the demo running acceptable with autogen off, traffic off.My question is, will the full version of the sim allow me to run with similar performance to the demo if I stick to the "island" sceneries like those that are in the demo?Thanks.
  9. Come on, give Bob a break - he's entitled to be miserable with the rest of us- tweaking and re-tweaking FS, spending untold amounts on hardware upgrades and addons,OS updates, and wading through posts of people that have nothing better to do than say how bad FSX or how bad frame rates are or how the 3rd rivet on the left wing is misaligned, or any other numerous complaints ;-)Hey Bob, it's just that I remember you are a musician, and I have to stick up for fellow musicians, being one myself.Best,
  10. I'll have to chime in on this one...The DF 727 is an OUTSTANDING aircraft. You say you don't like VOR navigation, you'll probably grow to like it after using this plane. Come on, take a break from the FMC's for a while and fly for real! ;-)But like another post said you can load a flight plan, use the glass cockpit and have the autopilot fly you point to point by switching source to "Aux" I think it's labeled.Great support, fantastic flight model (probably my favorite among jets), huge number of liveries included and more you can download for free, oh yeah, and extra points for the sound sets included with this plane .. the reverse thrusters is especially cool on touchdown.This plane has everything going for it, do a quick search of the forums; one of the few products where there is near unanimous praise.Buy it!.. highly recommended
  11. That is some great comedic writing! I was laughing my ### off the entire time.My thoughts exactly if what's said in there is true, no new ATC or flight models. IMO, the two most important parts of a flight simulator, uh, I mean, PSX. (Planet Simulator X).Oh well...
  12. I read that and it depressed me more than anything I've read in a while. I hope the guy is wrong - he predicts peak rates of extracting oil within a DECADE... and according to him would mean the worst rates of inflation and gas prices ever.Hope it's just an article meant to scare the powers that be and governments into action, but it seems too well researched to just be sensationalism..Let's hope he's off be 100 or 200 years ;-)
  13. Thanks guys, that worked great! Now it only takes 1-2 seconds!
  14. Hi guys,My FS9 takes a good 30 seconds to get to the point where I can select another aircraft. Any advice why this might be happening?I have alot of Project AI installed, does it have to traverse through all of those folders?I have maybe 20 planes installed on top of the default.Thanks,
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