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  1. Alrighty,I'm back with a status report. I've changed the keys again just like you said and also just like any other time I've changed the keys. FSX reports the "Num 4 and Num 6" keys as being the keys for Decision Height Increase and Decrease. When I try the arrow keys they don't bank the plane in flight which is a good sign becuase that means they are assigned to the Decision Height. However, I just ran FS2Crew again all the way up to Before Takeoff Checklists and tried taxiing with the tiller and my newly set keys with no result. The tiller just sits there. I've tried clicking on the tiller in hopes that it wasn't active sometimes like the FSX default ATC window gets (I hope that made sense?). I think I'll just totally reinstall FSX and then SP1 follow it up with a reinstall of the 767 with its new Sp1 and then FS2Crew and see how that goes unless y'all have any suggestions :) I'll wait to hear back though before I go screwing anything else up :)Thanks,Tony N.
  2. Ah!I thank you for your quick reply! I tried to remove the assignments and then "assign new key" and that in itself did not warrant any result. Would it be best to change a key and then exit and restart FSX? I've never had a problem with changing keys before. In fact, every time I have ever had to reinstall FSX I've never had any problem with replacing keys for landing gear and auto pilot disconnects and what not. I tried your suggestion and it did not work. I will go and try the arrow keys though. I'll report back shortly.Thanks,Tony N.
  3. Hello everyone,I don't know who to address properly for problems with FS2Crew in this forum and for that I apologize. I would like to state, however, (before I reveal my problem in words) that FS2Crew is the greatest add-on to an add-on. The milieu the FS2Crew program provides is simply unsurpassed and very authentic and I can never find myself bored or rid of it. :) However, in order that I might use the tiller I have recently (30 min ago) tried to assign keys to the Decision Height Increase and Decision Height Decrease to no avail. I assigned Num 4 and Num 6 to each respectively and when I press num 4 or num 6 the only result is that view in the VC turns. I thought perhaps that meant the tiller was only for the 2D panel, but even so when I try num 4 or 6 in the 2D panel it simply looks left and right concordantly. I am at a loss and I've nothing else to look to for help other than the support here in this forum? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Regards,Tony N.
  4. I totally agree on that idea. I think if you approached them the right way, they would compromise some sort of product which would make them more profit.
  5. Roger thatNothing in the 2D Panel either I believe it was aces just deciding that the frames might already be low enough and adding extra effects wouldn't really help. Nevertheless, it would have been a good idea to have that as a checkbox in aircraft realism or something. Looking for a comment from ACES team or someone who knows how to add Windshield Rain Effects to aircraft.Regards,Tony N.
  6. Hey there,I just asked this very same question yesterday and was ignored by everybody in here. I would love to know the true answer or figure out a solution but everyone (even myself to some extent) is distracted by frame reate improvement in FSX that nobody cares about this yet. To answer your question, however, I have the retail deluxe version and I have no windshield rain effects visible in the VC. In the 2D I have not checked. I can go check that out real quick and get back to you. I know one thing though, I know that the effect and the textures are there to simulate this but as to why it doesn't show, I have no idea.Regards,Tony N.
  7. Surely there must be a way to add it back in ? I think it is quite contrary to realistic to remove rain from a window seeing to it that in reality rain does atleast occasionally collide with the windshield.Regards,Tony N.
  8. Hello all,Have had my Retail Copy of FSX For a while now and I've been wondering if anyone else is getting a VC Rain Effect ? I currently am not getting a VC Rain Effect and if anyone else is what slider is responsible for that ?Many thanks,Tony N.
  9. Responding to your inquiry,I have that same problem in the FSX retail. My Red, Gold Cessna also has a plain white exterior.Tony N.
  10. You're totally rightI noticed that too. You have to end session and then change role or location to change aircraft and then log back in. As far as changing any other options, you are totally out of luck. No map view no changing display settings. Oh well, it is still a very fun Multiplayer experience nevertheless.Regards,Tony N.
  11. Hey everyone thanks for the replies,I hope no offense was not meant in any of them seeing to it that none was taken. Only I feel as if I were just bashed for being a retard. I just want to know what a majority of the users here in this forum do with planes that are basically flying models (POSKY,iFDG etc.) do you use the default GPS or what. I'm not saying "Help me I need an FMC" I simply wish to know how people simply go about accomplishing such tasks.Sorry,Tony N.
  12. Hey everyone thanks for the replies,I hope no offense was not meant in any of them seeing to it that none was taken. Only I feel as if I were just bashed for being a retard. I just want to know what a majority of the users here in this forum do with planes that are basically flying models (POSKY,iFDG etc.) do you use the default GPS or what. I'm not saying "Help me I need an FMC" I simply wish to know how people simply go about accomplishing such tasks.Sorry,Tony N.
  13. I'm not bashing anything in this post but rather invoking information from responses within it. After having seen screenshots of common freeware aircraft like iFDG and POSKY combined with the desire to fly something besides LDS and PMDG, I have always wondered how in the world do people manage to get those aircraft from point a to point b with just the model that each of the before-mentioned groups supplies ? Is it just a simple matter of a panel quickly downloaded from AVSIM ? Do alot of people just use a VOR to VOR type flying ? With no FMC, I don't understand how people do it and I'm hoping through this post someone can explain to me thus.Sorry for wasting anybody's time,Tony N.
  14. Hello all,I have only recently purchased this edition of FS2Crew and before I mention my concern I have this to say: I have never felt more comfortable and rewarded for spending money on any other flight sim add-on ever. I truly enjoy this add-on. It really gives FS2004 that little extra nudge to truly incorporate the phrase "As Real as it gets". However, I have only one question/concern. When I am running fs2crew in the preflight (I don't remember the exact time to chocks off this happens) the co-pilot will call "Gander radio" and ask for a SELCAL test. I never knew this to be SOP but I could be wrong. I am loaded up at KDFW so Gander is really far away and unnecessary. What am I doing wrong ?Sincerely,Tony Nelson
  15. I have the beta but I can't remember the answer to question one. However, I can tell you 100% sure the answer to question 2. When you call the fuel truck it pulls up within the perimeter of the aircraft and simply pulls up the FlightSim Fuel Management window (the same one you can see in FS9 by selecting aircraft and fuel and payload from the toolbar). So I suppose then that the true answer to question 2 is precisely no becuase you have to put how much fuel you want and it just changes it after which the fuel truck simply departs.T.N.
  16. I love KDFW in fact not only would I like to see an active 13L and 13R (and 31L and 31R) with the taxiway bridges but I'd love to see a more detailed cargo ramp. I know it is great too ask and infinitely stupid becuase the final product is basically here, but perhaps this might be for any future add-on KDFW's. I work out on the UPS Ramp and I have to say even for FS9 textures it just plain blows... In Fs9 KDFW you load up in the 747 on the UPS ramp and you have no room to pushback at all which is not even close to how it works out on the real KDFW ramp. At least if it is not more detailed it needs to be modeled correctly and maybe some taxi lines instead of an improperly scaled blank plain ramp.Just an opinion,Tony N.
  17. Sorry to bring old posts up but I am truly curious as to how many people can share a plane. Any ACES people have an idea or is that something that can be exploited by third party add-ons ?Tony Nelson
  18. http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/153924.jpgI just noticed this while flying the Ultralight and not sure if anyone else has documented this but I'll go at it anyhow...Have a look at my attachment and notice that you can see the shadow and the ground and you can see the ground through the ultralight's windshield but you cannot see the shadow on the ground through the ultralight's windshield (if you understood that confusing statement)
  19. Hello all and sorry if I'm breaking the rules by posting this message,I was just thinking as I was playing the demo about shared skies and I can't recall if the ACES team ever said anything as to a limit for the shared cockpit feature. I was thinking perhaps if there is not a limit then Virtual Airlines could support jumpseaters on a flight with a pilot and FO already. For instance the PMDG 747 and many other addons feature a virtual cabin that coupled with shared skies and a non 2 player shared cockpit limit could hold x amount of jumpseaters. Stupid thought really but just a question to throw out there at the MSFS people. I guess having so many people in one cockpit might create lag or interfere with ATC on VATSIM (assuming you could share a cockpit over VATSIM or IVAO anyhow ?)Thanks,Tony NelsonP.S. Excellent Demo !
  20. Right,I have read this but I am simply asking if there is a program just like the 737 has I have already known about the manual I would just prefer not to have to calculate every time.Thanks,Tony Nelson
  21. I've searched all over the PMDG OPS and I have found nothing in the way of calculating necessary fuel burn and other necessary fuel. If anyone can provide any help, it would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks,Tony Nelson
  22. Hello everybody and good day!As many of you may know from seeing my previous posts I have just received a new computer from my parents. Here are the specs:Velocity Micro Gamer's Edge PC2GB PC3200 RAMAMD Athlon X2 Processor (Dual Core=X2? im guessing :) )nVidia 7900GT (SLI ready MOBO)Creative Audigy 4 Sound Card and a 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System.However the new video card is obviously really powerful. I suppose in saying all this I really have two questions1) I am getting about 35 FPS not even all sliders all the way up. I am fine with this, but is this normal (I see many posts on this forum from people who have similar powerful comps)2) nVidia lets me set modes like FS9.exe should I do this. Or how do other people run FS. Is there something I need to do within the nVidia program to optimize FS9 performance ?Many thanks !Tony NelsonVATSIM ID: 945686
  23. Hello everyone,I promise this is the last question about possible new FPS. However, after I discovered from GeekSquad that the 7800 GS AGP would not work in my computer. My parents agreed to buy me a new computer. My question then is this: Having bought a new Velocity Micro computer with AMD64 dual core processor, 2GB of PC3200 RAM, nVidia 7900 GT PCIe videocard and some cool sound card. What kind of frames would anyone from the FS community in these forums think I should be getting with this ? (I ask because I get it tomorrow and I am impatient :) )Sincerely,Tony Nelson
  24. Sam,I sincerely appreciate your reply and to both ask one more question and to say a few things. I myself am a AS user until I turned the sliders all the way down. I never ever ever use AI Traffic I keep that at 0 all day every day. Every flight I do is on VATSIM and so AI traffic is a no go and I once discovered that the hard way a long time ago. The only things i ever turn up are cloud density, cloud %, not so much sight distance maybe one notch up, and autogen density. However, I am not a big fan of alot of buildings you know ? To me seeing buildings in FS means nothing becuase 1st of all the buildings generated in no way look like any of the buildings in real life ergo the realism just doesnt set in with me. So i suppose I will take your wisdom on the 25+ and for a coupld of questions (by the way my resolution is 1280x960x32 (I think ?!)) its 1280xsomethingx32) but for the questions1) How do I disable that stand by indicator I have longed to do that but I am not much of a gauge wizard ;)2) I think I might be interested in CPU O/C in a very very near future perhaps you can help me out ?Lastly,In order to save bandwidth for the PMDG forum I have both an AIM SN and a Messenger SN (I have the BETA too so if you want an invite lemme know !)AIM-pilotguy360MSN-antoniusericusque@hotmail.comMany Thanks,Tony Nelson
  25. Sam,I sincerely apologize if I sound demanding or mean. I am just mind blown becuase 700$ is alot !!! :) However, you ask how fast I want to go. Well the whole reason I did this in the first place is becuase all I want is just 25+ FPS in the PMDG 747 and hope to god the 400F expansion. My old card with all the sliders down could get 18-23 FPS on that beauty. I just want fluidity (especially on the ground) with the PMDG (and to some extent LVLD) Stuff. and just for the record I do believe my comp (before I turned it in to GeekSquad) was in dual mode 2GB i looked on the Mobo and i have 4 channels each 512 MB PC3200. I just need a ballpark yes or no. I'm just really really curious and dedicated to getting decent frames in the 747.Sincerely,Tony Nelson
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