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  1. 1. After startup all 4 engines by normal procedures, I check the flight controls system in secondary EICAS STAT page. Sometimes I can see the Outboard Aileron comes up when I move. But sometimes they don't. Why? 2. After your engines have stabilized at about 70% of N1, hold a moment then press To/GA button. What exactly the "moment" is. Cause if I hold the "moment" for a little longer then press T0/GA , I'll get "Takeoff speed Deleted" in CDU, and "No VSPD" also in PFD.
  2. 1. Battery Switch ON2. Standby Power Selector AUTO3. EXT PWR Switch 1 ON4. APU Start5. APU GEN 1,2 Switches ON6. IRS NAV7. L,R UTILITY BUS Switches ON8. BUS TIE Switches AUTO9. GEN CONT Switches ON10.NAV Lights ON11.HYD ENG PUMP Switches 1-4 ON12.EMERGENCY LIGHTS Switch ARM13.CARGO FIRE ARM Switches OFF14.AUTO START Switch ON15.ALL XFEED Switches ON16.WINDOW HEAT Switches ON17.YAW DAMPER Switches ON18.TRIM AIR Switch ON19.GASPER Switch ON20.PACK SELECTORS 1,2,3 NORM21.L,R ISLN Switches OPEN22.APU BLEED Switch ON23.ENG BLEED Switches ON24.LOGO LIGHTS ON25.AUTOBRAKES Selector RTO26.TCAS System Test & TA/RA27.FMC28.MCP QNH,F/D,A/T,IAS/MACH,HEADING,ALT29.FUEL PUMPS and OVERRIDE FUEL PUMPS ON (Witch containing fuel)30.HYD DEMAND PUMP Selector 4 AUX31.1-3 AUTO32.BEACON LIGHT ON33.PACK Selectors One ON or ALL OFF34.ENGINE 4 FUEL CONTROL Switch RUN35.ENGINE 4 START Selector PULL36.ENGINE 1 FUEL CONTROL Switch RUN37.ENGINE 1 START Selector PULL38.ENGINE 2 FUEL CONTROL Swtich RUN Alert!
  3. "Please sign your posts in this forum in accordance with our forum policies."I am so sorry, I don't get you point. I'm fresh here.Everytime I want to read my post, I also try search Auther. he~
  4. 747-400Everytime I startup the engines by AutoStart, that is push the fuel first and pull the starter next, No.4 No.1 is ok, but I hear warning sound when startup No.2 engine and 3 engineEICAS:ELEC GEN OFF 2(3)>BLEED 2(3) OFFHYD PRESS ENG 2(3)ENG 2(3) OIL PRESSELEC DRIVE 2(3)And if I startup the engines by manual, that is pull the starter first, monitor N2 at 20-25% then push the fuel, I can get nothing abnormal warning.In "NORMAL PROCEDURES" page 12 DUCT PRESSURE "Duct pressure should exceed 30 psi immediately after ENGINE START SELECTOR is pulled" I never get 30 psi until all 4 engines started.please!
  5. Easily solving this problem is to replace the "747" to "PMDG747_ENGSTART" and copy the start sound back into the folder.But this PMDG747_ENGSTART.wav seems too "long" or "late" for the V1R10's engine.Would you tell me how is "xPMDG747_ENGSTART" working?
  6. When I turn the A/T ARM switch ON? Before t/o or after t/o?In "PMDG 747-400 Operating Manuals" I can't clearly find when.So, I leave A/T ARM OFF untill I t/o. But after t/o and climbing I turn on the A/T ARM, the A/T mode doesn't work. In FMC "250/10000" was set. but the airspeed is out of control. PFD is still blank about the throttle reference. When this situation, I must slow down manualy. Or I press VNAV button twice whatever VNAV is ARMed or not.BUT before V1R10. I never reach this problem. Still leave A/T ARM OFF, push throttle, speed up, t/o, climbing, then A/T switch ON. everything is OK.
  7. After update to V1R10, I found the Engine Start Sound disappear.Before update, normally I can hear the Engine Start Sound when N1 up to 20%.In "sound.cfg" there is string [starterA], but the "filemane" equals to "747", not the "PMDG747_ENGSTART", and actually there is no file "PMDG747_ENGSTART", it was there before.Here is the original one: /STARTERA/ filename=PMDG747_ENGSTART viewpoint=1 link=starterA.1 /STARTERA.1/filename=xPMDG747_ENGSTARTviewpoint=2New one like this:/starterA/filename=747flags=0viewpoint=1And what is "xPMDG747_ENGSTART" work?
  8. After update to V1R10, I found the A/T ARM doesn't work. Before that, when I ON the A/T. I can see THR REF on PFD.Now I must press VNAV twice then I can see THR REF.
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