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  1. Thank you Bryan, Recall: I follow the Tutorial SOP SET 2. Descent Procedure (PM) *Verify pressurization set to landing altitude...... *Perform Approach Brief, *Press Recall. I don´t know where is the button on the 737 for press or I don´t understand the meaning of recall in this context... (If this is a voice command for the PF and without sense in button control) Thank you in advance, Emilio Casalduero
  2. Hello, All the application work well for me. No problems. Only a rookie question, or two (I run Fs2crew for the 737 P3DV4, and use SOP 2), and is my first product from FS2Crew. (a) "After DESCENT CHECKLIST in the main Panel on the right MD flash every second (approximately) and I don´t know why" ¿Any help? (b) Also, How to make "Recall" on the 737?. I know how to make these on the Airbus, but not on the 737 Tank You, Emilio Casalduero
  3. Hi, I´m a new user of “LORBY Live Traffic”, with FLAI database of AI aircrafts. And, not always in all flights, but almost always on dusk/night flights, the P3Dv4 disappear and the windows of exception HRESULT appear with code 0xc000014B and, for the text that explain the exception, I am not an IT specialist, seems to me that the problem is in the AI handler dispatch, finding an AI aircraft that cannot handle. My question is if anyone knows a tool for scan the folder of AI aircraft, and detect the problem since I like a lot “Live Traffic”, compared for example with MT6… On the other hand, when start the “Live Traffic” always appear the message “error reading aircraft.cfg”, but –apparently? - without consequences. My station for P3Dv4: FSDT ORBX, Europe, North America Alaska & Canada, England, Norway. Aerosoft, Fly Tampa, FSDT airports, GSX RCv4 Radar Contact. My Traffic 6.c PMDG 737, 777. Majestic Q400, Maddog X, Aerosoft A320/321, TwinOtter. Navigraph, ASN. Intel I7, Nvidia 1050. Two Monitors. Thank you in advance and many thanks for another LORBY Addon: P4AO Emilio Casalduero (Madrid, Spain)
  4. Hi, May be a stupid question but, I learned that "The only stupid question is the not made question". When I made a turn, say 30 degrees to the left,, the Gyro Compass turn to the right and, unless they mark the correct heading, the left and right are -seems to me- inverted, and because of made to me make mistakes in flaying a plane with needed great attention in VOR approaches. I supose is correct this mode of beaviour but I do not understand why. Thank you in advance for a explanation. Emilio Casalduero
  5. Thank you very much Kyle. This is the first problema I have with EMT. If you know apps for delete the fake entries please inform me. I deinstalled EMT,737 and 777. But the situation is the same. Emilio Casalduero
  6. Thank you Kyle, But the problema is not EMT. I have utilized EMT for scenery pourposes not planes. I have deinstalled both 737 (P3D) and 777 (P3D) After reinstall 737 (P3D) Op. Center beguin normal and show 737 P3D highlaited. After that Op Center inform that a update exist. If you run this update Op. Center not work and inform that the versión of 737 P3D is a versión for FSX After reinstall 777 (P3D) [i buyed this today] Op. Center dont´work. Thank you
  7. Today, 2016/03/26, I buyed the 777-200 for P3D. All seems OK ( I have flayed the 777 for FSX) but the Op. Center not display the option for download liveries. The versión of P3D is v2.5, the path for is C:/P3Dv2.5 and my OS is Windows 10 And the 737 for P3D is also wrong in Op. Center: said me the 737 is in the FSX versión (in red) Adn the best thing is that with the Migration Tool Activated, the Op. Center ¡Works perfectly! Please any help? ¡Thank you in advance! Emilio Casalduero
  8. Thank you Menelao, ¡The solution also Works in P3D V5.2! Emilio Casalduero
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