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  1. Best wishes to all for Joyful Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Nicholas
  2. Boxed X-plane 11 comes on 9 DVDs and takes about 70GB of disk space.
  3. My best wishes for a quick recovery!
  4. Best wishes to all my fellow pilots for Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, full of Joy and Health!
  5. Welcome aboard Furax88. Happy landings!
  6. A very big and sincere THANK YOU! All the best and good luck for your future! Nicholas
  7. nms

    Merry Christmas

    Joyous Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all! NMS
  8. SubLogic Flight Simulator, for Commodore 64, from Meigs to Willard. Looking back in time....Oh my God!!! I am 71 now, still "flying" P3D v4.1, X-plane 11, DCS and, lately, Aerofly FS2. Best of regards to all fellow flyers! Nicholas
  9. Thank you for informing me Jim. I just hoped that somebody who has faced the same issue would give me some hint. Kind regards
  10. Hi all! I really need some help here... I tried to open EMT eight days ago, it did opened, but by no means could update. After several attempts, I have decided to uninstall according the instructions, cleaned any traces and reinstall it, but when it asked to insert the activation code, I got the message: "Failed to retrieve tokens from activation center" and the installer quit. I then downloaded the newest version from Estonia site (v4.0.1.1101), tried to install it and, unfortunately, received the same message. I then decided to send a mail to their support forum. Still waiting for a reply.... I only have P3D4 installed. (Windows7 Pro 64 Bit) Any help would be very much appreciated.
  11. nms

    Venice X

    Hi all, Here is a big issue (according to my minimal knowledge): In a previous installation of P3D v3.4 I have accidentally deleted Venice X (installed using migration tool). When I tried to reinstall it, I got the message: "Venice X is already installed. Please uninstall Venice X before running this installer again". The strange thing is that I had checked my computer and removed every trace of Venice (disks, registry etc.) And this the first part of the problem. Part II: I have decided to uninstall P3D, reinstalled it and - guess what! - trying to install Venice X to the fresh P3D, I got the same message!!!! Any help would be very much appriciated Regards to all, Nicholas
  12. No words can fill the gap that a death leaves behind....What can I say for you, Tom, than a big "THANK YOU". Nicholas (nms)
  13. nms

    Your age?

    68, windward to 69. "Flying" since Commodore 64 days too!
  14. phone number

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