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  1. nms

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    My best wishes for a quick recovery!
  2. nms

    In the any landing you can walk away from

    Get well soon!
  3. nms

    Merry Christmas

    Best wishes to all my fellow pilots for Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, full of Joy and Health!
  4. nms

    Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard Furax88. Happy landings!
  5. A very big and sincere THANK YOU! All the best and good luck for your future! Nicholas
  6. nms

    Merry Christmas

    Joyous Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all! NMS
  7. nms

    My oldest flight in simming

    SubLogic Flight Simulator, for Commodore 64, from Meigs to Willard. Looking back in time....Oh my God!!! I am 71 now, still "flying" P3D v4.1, X-plane 11, DCS and, lately, Aerofly FS2. Best of regards to all fellow flyers! Nicholas
  8. Thank you for informing me Jim. I just hoped that somebody who has faced the same issue would give me some hint. Kind regards
  9. Hi all! I really need some help here... I tried to open EMT eight days ago, it did opened, but by no means could update. After several attempts, I have decided to uninstall according the instructions, cleaned any traces and reinstall it, but when it asked to insert the activation code, I got the message: "Failed to retrieve tokens from activation center" and the installer quit. I then downloaded the newest version from Estonia site (v4.0.1.1101), tried to install it and, unfortunately, received the same message. I then decided to send a mail to their support forum. Still waiting for a reply.... I only have P3D4 installed. (Windows7 Pro 64 Bit) Any help would be very much appreciated.
  10. nms

    Venice X

    Hi all, Here is a big issue (according to my minimal knowledge): In a previous installation of P3D v3.4 I have accidentally deleted Venice X (installed using migration tool). When I tried to reinstall it, I got the message: "Venice X is already installed. Please uninstall Venice X before running this installer again". The strange thing is that I had checked my computer and removed every trace of Venice (disks, registry etc.) And this the first part of the problem. Part II: I have decided to uninstall P3D, reinstalled it and - guess what! - trying to install Venice X to the fresh P3D, I got the same message!!!! Any help would be very much appriciated Regards to all, Nicholas
  11. nms

    Enforced FS Break (again) :-(

    My best wishes for getting well soon! Nicholas
  12. nms

    Rex soft clouds

    Many thanks to all! Being positive that I did everything "by the book", there is nothing else but wait... Kind regards, Nicholas
  13. nms

    Rex soft clouds

    Thank you for your reply. I have created an account first, which was activated and then I posted a message describing the issue. Isn't that sufficient?
  14. Hello to all, A couple of days ago, I uninstalled Rex soft clouds (including service pack and hotfix), in order to install an updated version. Well, it could not be installed. I have got a message stating that there is another version installed therefore the installation could not continue. I have to note here that I have manually cleared every trace of the program. After that, I tried to reinstall the older version and I got the message that the file is not recognized! I have contacted the Rex's support forum but I received no reply... Apologies if I have got you confused (my English is not good) and any help would be very much appreciated. Nicholas
  15. nms

    x737 3D Update

    I "fly" it since the X-plane v7 era...In MHO, it is the best freeware add-on, easily competing most of the payware ones! Nicholas