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  1. Well, I didn't think there was harm in asking either but some people just can't resist the urge for sarcasm and put downs.
  2. It would be lovely if you could go into business aircraft. I would really love a good, PMDG top quality Embraer Phenom 300, Legacy 450 and Legacy 500. It would be great if you could consider these for future development.
  3. There are a few other tweaks too. I understand the engine start switches have chaned as well.
  4. Hi Guys, Is there any chance of a release of an update to have a Scimitar Winglets version with all the little tweaks and improvements? Would happiiy pay for such an addon. Thanks
  5. I got mine today through SimMarket.What a fantastic piece of kit!Well worth the money.Only thing is, I can't add any 600 or 900s to it using the config manager.Have I missed something?Thanks and regardsLee
  6. Please could you wonderfully skilled airplane painters supply some of the Air Europa Schemes for PMDG B738? They are too busy to do any more and whilst the three they have done are wonderful, there are some new ones that would be nice to fly: -EC-ISN the Century 21 schemehttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/small/6/2/8/1053826http://photos.airliners.net/photos/photos/5/3/7/1043735http://photos.airliners.net/photos/photos/4/0/3/1043304.jpghttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/photos/6/1/9/1025916.jpgECC-IYI or EX-IXE Disney Schemehttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/small/5/6/8/1030865.jpghttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/small/5/2/8/1029825.jpghttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/small/9/6/2/1026269.jpghttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/small/2/5/0/1010052.jpghttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/small/7/2/3/1007327.jpghttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/small/5/2/9/1001925.jpgAny of the new ones with no flight deck eyebrow windowsEC-JEXhttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/small/1/8/3/1011381.jpghttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/small/5/2/9/1001925.jpgEC-JNFhttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/small/2/9/9/1012992.jpgEC-IVV Caroche schemehttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/photos/3/0/6/0924603.jpghttp://photos.airliners.net/photos/photos/1/4/9/0952941.jpgMany thanks in advance.Lee
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