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  1. Hello everyone!Following my recent panel edit to the analog 742 panel, I was forced to delete the old night lighting mask as it obviousely incompatible with the new guges and arrangement I have created. I would like to know if anyone knows how to help me create a new night lighting for the main panel as now I can only fly it by day since the night lighting is hideous without the mask ;)
  2. A big hello to all fellow 747-200 pilots!I have recently found this article from 2004 written in the Italian newspaper "Unione Piloti" (Pilot's Union) written by 742 pilots which officially confirms the retirement of the type from Alitalia's fleet. I think it is written by a poet more than a journalist and have tried to translate it since it turns out to be a beautiful ode to the 742, particularly to the last two in the fleet "Titano" and "Atlante"."This time it is true, after two years of agony and postponing Alitalia, with an ufficial note, has communicated the date of the final retirement of the glorious 747 from its fleet.The 29th of February 2004, the last of the two Cargo Jumbos remaining in their fleet, "Titano" a very patient giant and ferrier from various parts of the world (as written by my close friend who is a poet and 742 Captain), still in excellent shape even though it has worked very hard with the Italian flag on its tail and it has recieved poor treatments from the flag itself, will follow its other colleagues which carried passengers, sent in retirement a few years ago with a very rushed and miscalculated decision. "Titano" should see the curtain drawn at its back in the hangars at Fiumicino, where, together with it's companion "Atlante", after a deserved and needed maintainance operation, will continue to sail the skies happily transporting precious goods and producing richness, unfortunately for another airline [Air Bridge Cargo].Frankly, we that had the luck to fly him and love him, hoped in a more triumphal exit; because being a pilot luckily does not only mean being cold labourers, we often let the great passion we have for this job take us over and we feel close to the airplane in which we pass many hours of our lives and with which we share nights with our eyes that burn from the stress, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and every once in a while some small emergency that leads us to madness and that brings us to call him with his name.And also, nobody be offended and with all due respect to other aircraft, the Jumbo is and will always be His Majesty the Plane!Thank you "Titano", now bring your four great hearts to beat for another lover; they have obliged you to betrayal. But do not fear, we will always miss you very much! Always have good luck and a big fraternal hug to all Flight Engineers (that disappear as a work category on 29 February 2004) and that have riden with us on the transonic hunchback for year and that now begin to face after a long period of uncertainty, one the unknowns of a completely new life, and the others the requalification course as pilots...."For us Flight Sim pilots its all different. Thanks to Ralph we can still fly this wonderful aircraft and see him every day if we want, unfortunately on our computer screens if you are not one of the few priviledged ones who have the chance to live where there is still a cargo operator of this model nearby. For us fortunately Ocean Airlines of Brescia has picked up the 747-200 and is using them with great pleasure, too bad Brescia is pretty far away from Rome otherwhise I would be at the airport probably every day ;)
  3. Hi everyone!My setup is coming up real well but is still pretty generic, I would like to specialize it to the MD80.My first question is: is there a simple way to interface real aircraft parts into my computer? The question is related especially to audio and electronic material like hand held microphones and real switches. Real aicraft mics and headsets have a bigger jack, is there anything such as a gender changer where you insert your aicraft audio jack and it comes out PC size? Or is there a more complicated problem related to powering the unit?My second question is if anyone knows if there are suppliers out there that build MD80 FMC/CDUs and MCPs on the style of Engravity for example. There are tons and tons of 737 and Airbus material out there, but nobody has ever thought of the poor Maddog ;)Thank you in advance!
  4. awkward. Try starting from cold and dark, turn on the Battery, APU and Radio Master Essentials and see if they light up. ;)
  5. luke3

    Atlas livery?

    RFP should have the polar livery, double check. If it doesn't though I would be glad to make it for you ;)The Atlas one on the other hand is very difficult, I don't think I can tackle it so easily without hires photos
  6. Ralph I would like to thank you for this beautiful addon that set the benchmark for all classic aircraft simulations on the market today. Even though it began with FS2002, the Ready For Pushback 747 is still the most advanced classic aircraft for FS. It is an honor for me to be able to thank you in person for this supreme aircraft that has given me hours and hours of fun and joy, studying it and most of all flying it, and being easy to modify it was also a pleasure to configure the cockpit in the configuration for the Airline I fly the most. I bought it from PCPilot in download and I think that this choice to make it freeware is excellent, it will surely give many others the joy and thrill that it has and is continuing to give me.Thank you!!Luca
  7. luke3

    Civa INS

    >I'm able to insert my coordinates and press the>lit Insert key ( I have to press twice ) then I go to insert>West or East coordinates punching either key nothing happens.>Keys do not seem to be operational. Has anyone else>experienced this problem? Would really like to get this>aircraft flying again. Any help would be greatly>appreciated!! There's the problem ;)When you insert the first POS coordinates, after you insert the North/South value, you press INSERT only ONCE, then while it's still lit you press E/W and insert those coordinates as well, then press INSERT and it will go out.When you're inserting the route coordinates however, you only need to press INSERT one time and it will go out automatically after each latitude/longitude insertion. It is a pretty complicated INS smiulation compared to the HGHB, but pretty easy to learn in the end :D
  8. Hello everyone!I have a very basic and generic setup for my cockpit made up mostly of GoFlight modules and some custom built parts and casings, expanding it every year as a new idea comes up.After regretting the purchase of the GoFlight TQ6 which, after breaking of the housing in lever n
  9. luke3

    Reality-XP JetLine 2 in RFP 742

    Exactly. By fiddling around and modifying the RFP panel to adapt it to my VA's real counterpart configuration, found out that for every gauge modification you do you need to also modify the .bmp you are working on. For example if removing the default COM1 to ad a third party COM1, you have to edit the radios.bmp and make that window grey only, without the original markings so that they won't show. Also, unfortunately you need to sacrifice the original night lighting bitmap by deleting them and either creating a new one or by changing around the default lighting effects
  10. Hi everyone!I am currently building a generic setup oriented towards the MD-80. Up to now i've been using mostly GoFlight components; does anyone know where I can find electronics mimicking the Maddog such as MCP, FMC and Throttle?Thank you in advance
  11. wow, that looks amazing. It would save me a lot of building time and would make a great substitute for my GoFlight throttle quadrant that unfortunately has a broken lever. Since I fly MD80s most of the time i think it's time to move on to a more realistic twin jet setup. I also like the trim wheel, startup and landing gear additions. I would like to second on the request: Does anyone know how I can get one of these? ;)
  12. luke3

    maybe more...

    Oh my god! It's just plain amazing!!First of all i'm glad i'm not the only classic plane lover around here who preferes the RFP to the PMDG version. I simply love that aircraft and have had great moments with it flying my LRs around the world. Too bad they didn't do a CFM version so my Alitalia 742 is not quite accurate, but hey, it has one of the most beautiful classic panel renderings I ever saw. If this is going to come out anytime soon it would be a great addition to the flight sim community, maybe together with the upcoming XSimulate DC-10 :(
  13. Hi everyone!Since I purchased Ultimate Terrain Europe, or maybe a little later, I noticed that my terrain textures have not been texturizing properly. Instead of the clear ground textures with autogen on it, I often see blurred areas of color, and don't get the crisp texture until maybe I start approach or some miracle happens and they texturize. When this happens I also get no or very poor autogen. I heard there was something to change in the fs9.cfg. I have all my scenery, world and hardware settings to maximum. Any addon scenery or terrain like Rome Scenery from Cloud9 visualizes properly.Can somebody help me out?(I attached a picture from my last flight yesterday, wanted to post it in the screenshots area but then noticed that the terrain over the alps didn't texturize properly, so i will use it as an indication over here ;) )
  14. Hello everybody,I'm building a generic setup in my room in order to increase realism during flights, nothing spectacular but very fun to fly in. I am in search of a flexible throttle quadrant which can function for 2,3 or 4 engines like the GoFlight one, since I fly many different aircraft especially MD80, 737, 767, 747 and Douglas three holers ;) .I own a GoFlight throttle but it does not fufill my expectation completely: it works great but the levers are too flimsy and one of them broke off after a few months leaving me with a "no more than 3 engine" problem. Anyone know other good TQs that can do this?Thank you very muchLuca
  15. luke3

    MD-11 Standby Instruments

    I too would prefer the old style instruments, but a comparison would be nice to have in order to check out the technical and operational differences between the two. To add to the airlines cited, Alitalia also used the analog standby instruments. would be really great if we could have both panel variants and liveries which install according to the company setup of either analog or digital ;)