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  1. Hi Bryan,Where is it ? It seems the link is dead !"The requested URL /FS2Crew172X_FR.zip was not found on this server."Francois
  2. OK Dan, I will remember that next time !!!!Friendly yours,Francois
  3. Hi John !I've re-installed it as you suggested to me and everything is running well now. I dont understand how and why this problem occured and hope that it will not come again in a near future !!Thanks and best regards,Francois
  4. OK John ! I can do that, even If I don't think it could change something ! I soon have downloaded a new base set up file on Feb. 13th to re-install it, but .... Who knows ? Perhaps the license key has been corrupted !The strange thing that it was working fine on Feb 14, 15 and 16 and suddenly, it is not working anymore ! For your information, I just have installed the PMDG B747 and the Level-D 767 after that.Francois
  5. Hi John,Even if I was quite sure that the path was absolutely right inside the regstry, I run your utility without any result. I always receive the same error message when I try to run the Load Configurator. And I don't have any trouble to launch FS9 and to load any of the 777's variation !Francois
  6. Hi friends !I have suddenly some trouble with the Load Configurator. A week ago, it was running well and now, when I try to launch it, I receive the following message :"Could not locate PSS aircraft.cfg file(s). Application closing"This is really strange that this kind of problem arrives after a few days. Have you any idea of the source of the problem ?Francois
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