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  1. Hi all, first post on the forums and getting help on this topic on other forums, ok so anyway, I get these freezes in FS that last for about 10-15 seconds sometimes longer, and sometimes it freezes for good and never recovers, i have all the programs closed in the background including anti virus, i have even got the "blue screen of death" a few times, saying something about the NV4_disp.dll, i have never got enough time to read the whole thing before it restarts. once the computer boots back up it brings me to a page that tells me some info on the problem and how to fix it, it says to update the drivers, which i guess i have, but when i go to the Nvidia site it doesn't even give me the video card that i have to download any drivers. i have a Nvidia Ge Force 5200 128MB, my other system specs are not that great but it never did this before up until about 2 months ago. i have even set me settings in FS all the way to the left just to see what would happen and it still occured. any thoughts on this one?
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