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  1. Hmmm, the 1st 7 beta working fine.Went to 2nd 7 beta ... transferred all appropriate .INI from 7aGet this screen ...
  2. wmayo44

    Water Settings and Airports

    Some of the water "handling" is fantastic. The blending is just quite realistic in many cases. A flight this morning from Panama City to Pensacola was stunning. Even the more "inland" water has a good brown effect.Here is a couple of shots ... in Florida: Navarre, Gulf Breeze and Panama City.
  3. wmayo44

    Beta 7 error message

    Thanks for the feedback. I am using FSX SP1 with XP.Yep. Not really using moving map ... for now. But I though the hook was necessary for the faster loading speeds. I'll try with the hook off.BTW - the newer speed is nice!
  4. wmayo44

    Beta 7 error message

    Ok, sorry, I see the extra menu choice to turn off "ring."Have I said ... this is one of the most exciting pieces of software I've ever experienced. Thank you ... and any problems here are experienced with patience and gratitude.
  5. Just got it configured and going, except I get...proxyuser : No/invalid/outdated/corrupted tile metadata found - rejecting tile Indicated metadata version :2 (Current version: 3)...repeatedly in command window. Then I get some individual tile accesses, but almost always at exactly and only 16 tiles each. Then back to error.This happened when going to "previous" flight running last night with Beta 6. Do I need to delete old tiles with Manage Service Caches? Perhaps I have an error with .ini file. Copied/Pasted services that worked in 6.I get "connected to Flight SIm X" etc. coordinates, even "plane is relocated", as I am now trying a new clean location. Now loads a bit more quickly and at new site. Lockup, as indicated could happen. Wow - not even Control-SHift-Delete for Manager works. Have to pushbutton restart. No, "end flight/continue flight dialog box wouldn't come to front. Putting computer to sleep and bringing back made it appear. Still getting error messages, less now, but tiles now at 500 or 600+!--- Is there a way to NOT have that Circle with tile loading indication appear? ---
  6. wmayo44

    OK - Need the basic to startup

    Hmmm, started everything from scratch, and it seems to be loading tiles. Also, didn't know I had to let tileproxy to remain open (so often force terminate command/DOS type programs right off, when they seem to be finished).Anyway, if there are any further problems, I'll restate. Already learned alot by reading other messages.BTW - changed .ini to another suggested idea by another poster.
  7. Been wrestling with this for a long time ...My .ini file## Start a line with # to comment it out.# Turn your text editor's Word Wrapping OFF for editing this document.## Read the manual for help with configuration. Do not contact the# author about the configuration for particular services. Thank you.#[TileProxy]# Enable or disable worldwide photographic scenery coverage (Yes/True/On to enable)master_enable=On# Offline Mode - No network access will occur (Yes/True/On to enable)offline_mode=Nolod_distance=1000sp1_mode=Yes#source=Service Example 1source=Service Example 2#source=Acme Globe Service[acme]cache_folder=cache.acmenetwork_module=libnettilemodule_config="server=http://server*.acmeglobe.com|path=/terraintile?pos=%s&v=10|quad=ABCD|balance=0123|agent=Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; The TileProxy Project)"max_lod=13min_level=9max_level=17color_hack=Nocolor_level=0bulk_extend=25[service example 1]cache_folder=cache.service1network_module=libnettilemodule_config="conn=20|rate=2.0|server=http://a*.ortho.tiles.virtualearth.net|path=/tiles/a%s.jpeg?g=52|quad=0123|balance=0123|useragent=Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506; .NETCLR 1.1.4322)"max_lod=13min_level=9max_level=17color_hack=Yescolor_level=13bulk_extend=50[service example 2]cache_folder=cache.service2network_module=libnettilemodule_config="conn=20|rate=2.0|server=http://kh*.google.com|path=/kh?t=t%s&n=404&v=17|quad=qrts|balance=0123|useragent=Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)"max_lod=13min_level=5max_level=17color_hack=Nocolor_level=0bulk_extend=50---For some reason, this board omits square brackets and "service example 1, etc"Of course, I filled **** with full names of servicesMy Scenery Library DOES have all the world scenery files checked and listed.1. Any problems with .ini file seen?2. Just what do I run, and in what order?I ran TILEPROXY, then FSX, but my old scenery comes up. What am I missing?I do get a system 1060 error message, and specified service does not exist as an installed service.I really want to get in on this wonder world! Thanks.
  8. Oh, ... but you should go to display, aircraft, and check - high resolution VC cockpit.
  9. wmayo44

    Disappearing clouds?

    My system is:Athlon 64x2 4600+2 GB RAMGeForce 7600GS 512MB20.1" 1080x1024 LCD monitor
  10. wmayo44

    Disappearing clouds?

    tell_fs@microsoft.combounces back. Any other ideas for email on this?
  11. wmayo44

    Disappearing clouds?

    It seems that every time I first "touch" or enter the beginning of a cloud, it just pops away. There is hardly any flying through a nice cumulus cloud (not that real pilots like to!). But it shouldn't just disappear suddenly, as opposed to FS9 where you went through the heart of the thing.Seems I saw listed a place where specific feedback can be sent to the MS team.
  12. wmayo44

    My world landclass-opinion

    ok. Where do you get it?
  13. wmayo44

    Over sensitive pitch for jets

    No, no ... besides setting the sliders to minimum, with a little null zone ... go to the aircraft.cfg file, open it and look for a part that looks like[flight_tuning]cruise_lift_scalar = 1.0parasite_drag_scalar = 1.0induced_drag_scalar = 1.0elevator_effectiveness = 1.0aileron_effectiveness = 1.0rudder_effectiveness = 1.0pitch_stability = 1.0roll_stability = 1.0yaw_stability = 1.0elevator_trim_effectiveness = 1.0aileron_trim_effectiveness = 1.0rudder_trim_effectiveness = 1.0change elevator, aileron, and rudder from 1.0 to 0.6 or 0.7save and rerun.This has been mentioned on this board elsewhere. And you have to do it on each aircraft desired.I use CH Yoke and Pedals, and I still have to do this.
  14. No problem here. I went in and saved the registry for FS9 and FSX on the side just in case. But not needed. I went from 1st small demo, to full demo, to retail.
  15. I just did the update, and now ALL my CH controllers (yoke and pedals) are now gone! I can't get them back yet. Will do some reinstalls, and reboots to see what happens.