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  1. Oops! Sorry about that! Senior moment!!Oscar
  2. Hi DaveHaven't visited the forum for a while. Recently been getting into helicopters with FS9. Purchased the Nemeth Design Sikorsky S-76A and I thought, wouldn't it be great to operate this wonderful bird multi-crew with FDC (I'm a fan and have used it really successfully with the Aeroworx B200 and the DF 727). Oooops...no flaps! Just as I was about to put your great product on the shelf to gather dust, I decided to try the following:I copied the following section from the default 172 aircraft.cfg file to my S-76 aircraft.cfg file and created a new performance file in FDC for the S-76 specifying one flap position. [flaps.0] //Trailing Edge Flapstype = 1 // 1 - tail, 2 - leadspan-outboard = 0.5 // 0.0 .. 1.0extending-time = 7 // secondsflaps-position.0 = 0 // degreesflaps-position.1 = 12.7 // degreesdamaging-speed = 120 // KIASblowout-speed = 150 // KIASlift_scalar = 1.0 drag_scalar = 1.0pitch_scalar= 1.0system_type = 0 //0=Electric, 1=Hydraulic, 2=Pneumatic, 3=Manual, 4=NoneI now have FDC running with the Sikorsky. Admittedly, I have to be a bit creative with some of the checklist calls (no collective, no cyclic, no hover thrust etc), but it seems to be working fine. One very happy helo aviator now that I can keep using one of my favourite add-ons.Just thought I would let you know.Keep up the good work Dave.Best regards.Oscar
  3. I think your problem is Ultimate Terrain. If you have residential roads turned on, FS9 will not be able to place any autogen objects where these (numerous) roads are placed. Likewise, if you have enhanced lighting turned on, autogen objects cannot be placed where these lights are placed, even during the day when you cannot see the lights themselves. If you read the UT manual, they do raise this problem and therefore recommend that you leave residential roads off and only opt for Enhanced Lights (Except for Residential). This is the best compromise unless you know that you are going to be doing most of your flying at night. I hope this helps. Oscar
  4. Shift + Z once to bring up navigational data. Shift + Z a second time to bring up frames per second. Hope that helps.Oscar
  5. Thanks for the suggestions everyone...really helpful. All the bestOscar
  6. Hi folksI'm using RC4 successfully with both the Aeroworx B200 and DreamFleet's 727 - it's a great product and really adds to the realism. I have one problem which is during pushback. As keys "1" and "2" are already assigned to RC4, how can I make a left or right-hand turn during the pushback phase (normally the "1" and "2" keys in FS9)? It's not such a problem with the King Air, but I can quickly run out of room with the 727 when reversing in a straight line until I'm far enough back to taxi forward and turn clear of other aircraft or buildings. Does anyone have any solutions?Thanks in anticipation.Oscar
  7. Oh Gawd!!!!....Now I'm in trouble!:-abduct Oscar
  8. Hi MartinIt's already available...which is a pleasant surprise as I only uploaded it this morning (10:00 Zulu). I've just downloaded it from the AVSIM library and unzipped it to make sure it was working. Hope you enjoy it!All the bestOscar
  9. To Martin and the rest of you that expressed interest in my spreadsheet assignment generator for the B200....It's mow available on the AVSIM library. It's called Air Ambulance Aviator (no comments please:-roll) and is in FS2004 Miscellaneous Files category. Once it's unzipped, its just the spreadsheet and a Readme file. Once you've opened the spreadsheet, click the Help tab at the bottom of the screen to open the Help worksheet and all the instructions are there.Let me know what you think. If the feedback is good, I might promote it on the Aeroworx site. Don't want to be presumptuous!Hope you enjoy it.All the bestOscar:-beerchug
  10. Thanks for the info Martin. As soon as I have finalised it, I will have a go at uploading to the AVSIM library. I will post a notification in this thread whether I am successful or not...should be within the next couple of days. All the bestOscar
  11. Hi guysI have no problem sharing my spreadsheet...just don't know how to make it available on the forum. Any help would be appreciated...Just finishing a few tweaks (couldn't possibly have exposed it to public gaze in it's present condition*:-* )which should be ready by early next week.Didn't realise it might generate such interest.Best regardsOscar
  12. Hi BrianI fly the Aeroworx B200 Air Ambulance version out of Albany to about 30 airfields in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine. These are a mixture from relatively small uncontrolled fields such as Olean right up to major internationals such as JFK and Boston. I have set up a spreadsheet containing the full list of these chosen airfields that creates assignments for me by randomly creating:Assignment date and timePatient pick-up and delivery deadlines Whether it is a patient transfer or organ transitWhether it is a 2 or 3 leg assignmentThe destination airfield(s)Whether I'm flying single crew or with a co-pilotThe number and weights of patients (max 2) + equipment, medics (max 3) and relative (max 1)NOTAMs concerning lack of Radar, ILS or Refueling at destination(s)Whether I am limited to 10000ft due to patient conditionI fly with Radar Contact 4 using the Medevac callsign and Flight Deck Companion 3.5 when I am flying multi-crew. I've also integrated some financial implications within the spreadsheet which generates an assignment fee offered based on distance to be flown and tightness of deadlines and deducts pilots' salaries, fuel costs, landing fees and penalties for late arrivals or turning down an assignment. Combined with Aeroworx excellent B200, it makes the flying both realistic and pressured.RegardsOscar
  13. Hi Ray & EgbertThanks for the prompt replies. That's exactly what I needed to know...no wonder I couldn't find that pesky config file!Now I know where fs9.cfg is and how to evaluate my frame rate, may I ask if there is a core set of tweaks to apply to the fs9.cfg to maximise performance. I could just wade through the forum, but you experts have doing this for years and it might just take that long to pick up all the threads. I don't have a specific problem at the moment...but for all I know I could be operating FS9 on only three cylinders!I'm using FS9.1 with: FS Global SE MeshTraffic 2005Radar Contact 4.2Flight Deck Companion 3.5At the moment I'm exclusively flying:DreamFleet 727 WhisperJet V2 Aeroworx B200 V2My system specs are as follows:AMD 64 3800+nForce4-A939 Mother Board1Gb RAMnVidia GeForce 7600GS Video Adaptor with 256MbRealtek AC97 Integrated 5.1 SoundXP Home SP2CH Yoke and PedalsFrom what I've picked up on the various forums, my wish list for further add-ons would be:FS Genesis MeshGround EnvironmentActive Sky 6Any help to get me started in the right direction would be appreciated. I love this whole world of flight simulation and I feel (with a lot of help) FS9 does a pretty good job. I would just like to maximise the experience.All the bestOscar
  14. Hi folksThis is my first post on this forum. I've been picking up a lot of very useful information browsing through your contributions over the last couple of weeks. I have a couple of basic questions and would be most grateful if anyone could help.1) Where is FS9.cfg located? I have searched the Program Files directories high and low and just cannot find it.2) A lot of you are quoting various FPS rates and some of the screen shots show text information at the top of the screen. How do I show or know what my frames per second are?Sorry if this elementary level stuff. Appreciate any feedback.All the bestOscar
  15. Hi folksThanks for the rapid responses. Seems like I will just have to brush up on my navigational accuracy and use the Direct to Next Waypoint if I don't fall within the 2 mile "bullseye". Still a great product though!As I am sticking with FS9 at the moment and in no hurry to upgrade to FSX, am I right in assuming that I should stay with V4.2 and not upgrade to V4.3 (just wait for the V5 upgrade)?Keep up the good work guys.Many thanksOscar
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