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  1. Suddenly I've been getting vertical contrails behind aircraft in cruise. See pic. Any idea what is causing this??http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183485.jpg
  2. I use the maximum setting (8xS) with my 7900GS.
  3. Where are the checklists located on the smartcockpit site? I can't find them...
  4. Bryan, I reinstalled the 767 and FS2Crew again, and updated to the newest graphics driver from nVidia, and the problem seems to have disappeared!
  5. I reinstalled everything, but I have more info to report. It seems the 2d panel really is "there", I just can't see it. When moving the mouse around the screen (in spot view), it turns to a "hand" in certain places, like it's over a clickspot.Additionally, if I put the cursor at the very bottom of the screen, where it changes to the little arrows with which you resize, just clicking once brings the panel back in view!The texture mod by Andre Folkers that I'm using just replaces some bmp and gau files in the panel and VC gauges folders, no .cfg files.EDIT: I'm noticing more problems now, for example I can't launch the FMC window from the 2d panel clickspot.
  6. Hi, I just installed FS2Crew for the 767-300. So I start a flight, and import the FS2Crew panel state. Press okay, panel loads, engines shut down, etc. Then if I switch views, when I try to go back to 2d it doesn't work. Like I will be in spot view and if I press S to get to 2d, nothing happens, game just freezes. Then I press S again, and it goes to VC, like it's skipping the 2d. Also right-clicking and trying to select 2d panel that way just freezes the game until I select a different view.This is with FS2Crew 1.3 and SP3 for the 767. I'm also using Andre's texture mod.
  7. Thanks for replying bro!I checked in my autogen folder, and there is just one file in there, called default.xml. I guess that's what you meant by autogen.xml?The autogen still works anyway, it just seems like there's less structures. Could have something to do with UT??The main issue is the loss of buildings at certain airports.Not sure how to rebuild cfg's. You mean like scenery.cfg? I did delete my fs9.cfg to force FS9 to create a new one, but this had no effect on my problem...
  8. I just noticed in my FS9 that all the buildings and textures at certain airports are suddenly missing? I've seen it so far at MDW, SXM (both flytampa), and ORD (default). Also, I've noticed my autogen is greatly reduced all of a sudden despite having it set to max. Most recent thing I did was install Ultimate Terrain USA but I have it layered lower than all addon scenery (higher than default scenery). See screenshots to see what I mean...MDWhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/171513.jpgORDhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/171514.jpgSXMhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/171515.jpgCan anyone help??
  9. The phrase "enter downwind runway 08" means you will enter the traffic pattern on the downwind leg, the preferred entry. This means you will still turn base, then final, and land upwind.
  10. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...topic_id=238556
  11. Yeah I would love a Mooney! I live 30 minutes from their factory and have actually taken the tour and met their test pilots!Yep an older Mooney from Carenado would be great...count me in.
  12. There's the Aerosoft "Scenery Manhattan" package which is very nice. There is a freeware LGA scenery in the library by S. Ansari, and ImagineSim released a payware KEWR recently which in my opinion is excellent despite a lot of people getting low framerates with it.As for KJFK, Simflyers is the only version I know of, and it is very dated and really is bad on performance.Hope this helps.
  13. Hi. I have the Lago maddog MD-80 v1.5. For some reason it does not come with repaints for American and Delta NNC. I can't find these repaints in the file library, but come on...American Airlines!...someone must have done it.In short, where can I find American and Delta repaints for the Lago MD-80?Thanks.
  14. Here ya go, just SE of KPHF looking towards the NE. Looks pretty good if you ask me (I used to live in Williamsburg).http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/152499.jpg
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