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  1. I only have a 4790K, a 780 video card and 16GB of Ram. I don't think I will be selected for TA1.
  2. The last addon I bought for P3D was GSX level 2, and I haven't purchased anything since. I was going to purchase Drzewiecki Design, Chicago X and airports, but decided not purchase.
  3. I registered for Tech Alpha 1, but didn't get invited. I did update my DXDiag file when the invites opened for Tech Alpha 2, I'm not sure if that means I can possibly get invited for TA1, or have to wait a week for TA2. I also updated the survey because Comcast increased my Internet speed.
  4. This is a quote from Microsoft regarding access to the tech Alpha (This was posted on December 12th), "In the meantime, our goal regarding participation remains the same – if you want to participate in early build testing and have registered (e.g. Tech Alpha 1, Tech Alpha 2, etc.), you are going to get access. The team is actively working to get additional people build access as quickly as possible. So stay tuned!"
  5. Sometimes I like to fly to the smaller airports here in the United States. I will be interested to see what they look like. I hope they look much better than the default airports in P3D and FSX.
  6. It does look like some of the runway lights have stands underneath them and they aren't floating in air. I'm not sure about the taxiway lights. The lights down the middle of the runway appear to be floating though.
  7. I went to the Best Buy in Niles, IL. They had about 8 copies of both the deluxe and standard edition. I picked up the deluxe edition today.
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