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  1. I quit over 11 years ago, after being told I have lung cancer with 3 months to live (and after smoking for over 30 years).I survived the bout with cancer--minus one lung--and today just have a bit of trouble getting up stairs. It's worth quitting!To keep this on an FSX keel, my one-lunger experience in the Acceleration F-18 leaves me breathless :-) Best to all!Blaster (aka Larry)
  2. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...56&topic_id=904
  3. Thanks, Scott. I hadn't looked at Aerosoft's mission pack yet. I will have to do that. It would be interesting to look at their design methodology.Cheers!Blaster (aka Larry)
  4. Hi, George.Yes, I have installed the SDK adn got the object placement tool to work...after much tooth gnashing and hair pulling ;) -- that is definitely one of the barriers to mission creation, especially for those not familiar with general programming and SDK "norms".I'd like to see better introductory tutorials for using the SDK (not just missions, but all the features available) ... hopefully that will be forthcoming ... probably from the community before MS as I believe the ROI isn't big enough (yet) to get them interested.Cheers!Blaster (aka Larry)
  5. Hi, Tim. I appreciate your thoughtful answer. I need some time to digest your points, all of which IMHO are on the mark. I think the answer lies within each of the "barriers" we can identify. If we can find ways to eliminate or lower these barriers, we may see the path clear to more and better missions.BTW, I have been to FSXmission.com and found it to be a helpful site...especially the tutorials.I'll be back with point-by-point comments later today.Thank you!Blaster (aka Larry)
  6. First, I am just an FSX fan. I don't post here a lot, but read this and other MSFS forums almost daily. when FSX first appeared on the FS scene, I remember being enthralled with the included missions. It seemed to me to be a tremendous avenue for making FSX more real-world like and appealing. There seemed to be unlimited potential for some really excellent FS experiences via scripted missions.It seems that I was mistaken in that there are not really that many new missions being developed.I deliberately did not post this in the missions section of the forum because I want to get opinions from FSX fans who are not mission designers.What is the general feeling as to why there are not more missions? I guess I'm not looking for specific technical reasons such as coding or mission-building snags...although they may be a big part of the answer(s). Rather, I am looking for the generic reasons for the apparent dearth of new missions. The goal, if we can come up with some sound analysis, might be to form a group to try to address some of the issues to see if we can spark mission development. It seems to me likely that mission design is to be a part of future FS development. It also seems that quality missions ( whatever they might be ;) ) are a good way to introduce new FS users to the many enjoyments to be had in the different "genres" available in FS.Any thoughts or comments on this? Is this too close to "boiling the ocean" rather than a cup of tea?I am not a mission designer (yet) and I am aware that it might take a different type of FS person to do mission design -- as compared to mission users. I guess that's another one of those "genres" I mentioned :DAppreciate your views on this...sorry if this is too long a post and if the moderators think I've chosen the wrong sub-forum, please move it (although I think the mission design forum is the wrong place for now).Cheers!Blaster (aka Larry)No sig, no affiliations, just an every-day FS nut
  7. OK, add me to this list. To keep this all in one thread, this is the contents of the error header:EventType : clr20r3 P1 : xengine.exe P2 : P3 : 465b5bd5P4 : mscorlib P5 : P6 : 4333ab80 P7 : 15b P8 : 51 P9 : system.argumentoutofrangeany suggestions. I also have new installations of both ASX and XGraphics.
  8. I must be missing something. I don't have a "texturing aircraft models.html" file. The only html file I see there is the "Modeling tools.html" file. Are there more than one version of the sdk?
  9. Can someone please point me to a tutorial or explanation as to what the different scenery upgrades are and how they interoperate with each other? How can you tell if buying several scenery upgrades won't cause interference problems?Appreciate any assistanceCheers,Blaster
  10. I am in the process of building a profile for FSX in TouchBuddy and was wondering if anyone else was using this amazing program.TouchBuddy (http://www.touch-buddy.com/forums/) is a free program runs on one or more touch screens that enables you to use touch controls for your game or flight sim. You really have to see some of the profiles already created for sims like LockOn or F4AF to see how cool this really is. There is also a toolkit that enables creating custom profiles for anything that you want. TouchBuddy will run in local mode (on a second monitor) or in client-server mode on a different networked computer and you can run multiple instances of the program for more than one touch screen. The program is very well supported (much respect & credit to Zorlac and Wild Bill Kelso:-beerchug) and is constantly being updated to add new features. The current version allows exporting data from LockOn via Lua to enable a live TEWS in the profile. There is also an upcoming plug-in to enable playing movies in the profile to allow watching training videos, for example, while you are in the sim. ActiveX plug-ins enable live internet or active content to be displayed in profile, too, so you can have checklists, maps, or other references available while flying or gaming. It's very cool!IMHO, TouchBuddy and TrackIR add way more realism and immersiveness to sims than I ever thought possible. Think soft glass cockpit :D. It's well worth a look and can be used on a non-touch screen to see what it looks like--the mouse can click controls on the various tabs in the profile.Anxious to here if anyone else has developed a TB profile for FSX.
  11. Thanks for the replies!I use a small touch screen and a program called TouchBuddy (http://www.touch-buddy.com/forums/) to send commands to FSX. Usually, I run this over my network in client-server mode (FSX on one system and TouchBuddy on another)...when experimenting with this in local mode (only one system), the touch screen blanks and is unusable for other applications.I was hoping this was buried in one of the many config files in FSX but I guess I'm out of luck :( I'll look at a separate PCI video card to see if there's a solution there. I tried upgrading to the beta nvidia drivers but see no difference...it's clear that FSX is "taking over" the second monitor since you can still drag FSX windows to it.Appreciate all the assistance and sorry for posting this in the general FSX forum...I assumed this was an FSX config issue and not a hardware issue...ahh well :)Regards,Blaster
  12. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=22547
  13. When FSX starts in full-screen mode on a setup with two monitors connected to the same graphics card, it blanks the second screen. This is presumably to allow child windows to be dragged to the second monitor (which works very well).My question is, can this second monitor blanking be controlled (enabled/disabled) to allow displaying other, non-FSX windows?I was unable to find any mention of this here or on various web searches...so maybe this is a behavious due to my particular hardware setup???Appreciate any help you might have...Regards,blaster
  14. I put a picture of whats left on mine above. These close programs allow you to customize what you want to leave running so if you are more comfortable leaving your virus program/joystick drivers going you can do that.
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