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  1. With Asobo in France they have Airbus Helicopters nearby so.... AS350, probably B3E variant as thats whats coming off the assemble line now. EC135, I'd like if it was the P2+ version but the P3 would be cool too.
  2. Just look around Boston and Worcester Massachusetts in windows Maps program. Brigham and Womans, Beth Israel, BMC, Mass General, Umass Medical Center, Clinton Hospital, Marlboro Hospital are all there in high quality photogramy. The amount of work it would have taken in the past to create those hospital sceneries would have been intense and now they will all be there by default in the new sim. We will really be able to enjoy it from the helicopter side once we get there.
  3. I'm a majority helicopter flyer too, looking at the quality they are doing I'm ok with waiting and having them do helicopters the right way. The question is when they do get around to it, which helicopters will they do? It would be nice to put a poll up with some suggestions, something for MS to look at so they can work on partnerships. If the majority of the team is in france than Airbus Helicopters should be a good partner, the AS350 is one of the most popular single engine helicopters and if they ever wanted to do a twin engine you have the H135/H145. Of course they could consider the old R22/R44 if they wanted us to have a piston powered helicopter or even the new Guimbal Cabri G2. The Bell 407, S76 or Md500. I imagine they would want to make an aircraft that is currently in production. I fly the AS350, AS355, EC135 in real life so I might be a little biased on what I'd like to see. I'm hoping the buildings are all harden so all the photogramy buildings that have helipads are instantly available even if they are not officially considered helipads in the sim. Looking through bing the quality is so good on some areas that rooftop pads would be usable without any extra input from MS.
  4. What are the odds the autogen or any of the photo based buildings will have harden rooftops so that you could land on them vs falling through? I cant remember how FS9, FSX, P3D and Xplane handle them but I do remember every roof top could be a helipad because they were harden in one of them. Some of the screenshots/videos we have seen around seattle you can see the helipad on two of the news stations that are next to the space needle, if buildings were harden we would already be a few steps ahead in helipads. Side benefit....trying to land airplanes on rooftops was always a challenge.
  5. With this new style of 3D maps to scenery what do you think will happen with the heliports as they get scanned over? I assume the 3D buildings will be generated if its in a detailed area or autogen on top of ortho if it was a non 3D scanned area just like any other area within the sim. X-Plane has the heliports in its database and just drops a simple H pad at the GPS coordinates. Can we hope the Nav data with the identifiers, name, and location are added to the sim? I assume where it sees a big concrete pad its will just remain a concrete pad in ortho and be blurry up close. It would be great if they could combine the nav database with their scanned data and recognize its a heliport and attempt to make something more of its representation in the sim. If you wanted to check out an example you could see Umass medical center 1MA2 in Worcester Ma or the Kearny heliport 65NJ in Kearny NJ on bing maps. Be interesting how they are handled.
  6. Sorry for the misread, when i meant borderline hardware, i was meaning this post is borderline falling into a hardware forum style post. Sorry, but yes it regards to what you said, this is my one and only upgrade that should hold me over till the whole dx and vista blah blah dust settles and there is some good hardware out there to work with. For now, i actually want to see the pretty water.
  7. Well i'll call this one solved. Borderline hardware, but you got a 7600gs with 512, im looking at a 7800gs with 256, is there a 7800gs with 512? If so worth it.
  8. Well im talking about taxiway signs.....not lines. But i do like the help, i think we are all starting to get the idea that is a video card issue since the few people having this all have the same old school card. Who know maybe the next set of drivers will help. Though i am scouting out a Geforce 7800GS, i dont plan on doing a major over haul for along time, but would like the best AGP card i can buy for now, that sure fix all sorts of issues.
  9. Yup i have the same problem and the card is a FX5600. Its not the land details, i made sure i turned everything i could find up and messed with every setting in the video card stuff, got the lastest drivers...nada. Now i wouldnt mind, but it addition to white taxi-signs....i have no autogen bridge textures!!!!! I do plan on upgrading my card, just little bit, but thats in the hardward forum
  10. Update again, reading my motherboard book i see i have one AGP slot. Then five PCI slots followed by a ACR1 slot. So all you smart people out there can tell me what my next step is.
  11. Glad someone noticed that for me, yes i have an agp 8x port. So what....or where would i find on that site the AGP version of that card? Maybe a direct link if someone's really feeling good?
  12. Great answers everyone, these forums really are a great resource.http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130064So this is the card im looking for right?
  13. Hey i want to upgrade the video card i have now, a Geforce 5600 256 to something alittle better. I dont want anything near the top of the line but this card limits me in terms of what i can do for quality in FSX so i want something maybe up to $100 or so that is better than mine. Maybe i'll get whatever the lowest 512mb card is? Little help? I used to be good with building computers back when it was the Voodoo 3 and 4 and so on, highernumber better card and thats all there was too it. Specs if it matters.AMD Atholon XP3000+MSI K7N2 delta board.1GB ramMaxtor 80 gig hardriveAlso on a side note, how low end is this system, from the specs i see people throwing around now i'd say its on the bottom.
  14. Hmmmmm well at least im not the only one. I downloaded the latest drivers to from Nvidia the other day just to make sure. Now im not using 2.0, i have water set to zero. Or is there another way to enable the shader 2 on our cards just to check it out. Otherwise i might just upgrade the video card, not by much just up a couple steps i still want to save the real money for the dx10 vista whatever system.
  15. Update.....It seems that it is only the daytime texture that is missing. This also goes for my taxiway signs as well. I was flying at all time of day and they all work, but as i was flying in the morning i was watching the bridge and the clock hit 6:58am eastern local time i watched a new set of textures load over the landscape and my bridges went white. The taxi way signs also are missing their textures. Could this be a bad install or what? I maxed out everything but cant do a thing. Here's my specs in case it makes a differenceAMD 3000geforce FX56001 gig ram.
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