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  1. I just tested the pushback with the ATC menu. Setting and releasing the parking brake works without problems.
  2. I have the same issue. When the pushback is finished, I can‘t set the parking brake. However, as soon as I shut down PBE the tug disconnects and I can set the brake. I have no hardware with a button mapping for the parking brake in use. The only brake related hardware are my pedals for left and right brakes. Hope this information helps.
  3. No, it will still be 11Gb. Each card needs the same data in VRAM, thus it is not doubled. They share the rendering so both cards need the textures, etc. For example, card 1 can‘t access the memory from card 2.
  4. Hi, Dan Dawns Logbook still works. I selected P3D v4 and opened the logbook file in the v5 folder.
  5. I had the same problem with the missing options file. I could solve the issue after I selected an other panel state for start up (i.e. Cold and Dark). After this change the options file was present. Perhaps you need to change a setting in the plane to make the NGXu create the file. If this works, you can revert to the original setting if you prefer. Regards, Uli
  6. Hi, I just did a little test of UGCX but I already like it. Do you plan to integrate UGCX into the other FS2Crew products such as PMDG 737 Reboot? There is already a part in the checklist for communication with the ground crew and it would be awesome to replace that part with UGCX if it is installed. Regards, Uli
  7. I just tested with the panel state "Turnaround". Again, the same result. Before starting the pre flight events all doors are closed. When starting the events the left front door (which is ok) and right front door are opened.
  8. I am using the cold and dark panel state. Regards, Ulrich Hofer
  9. Hi Bryan, I am quite sure that the door is opened by FS2Crew. If I deactivate the option "Doors" in the FS2Crew configuration menu, the door stays closed. When activating this setting, the door is opened automatically when starting the pre flight events. In my 737 I appreciated this behaviour as the front left and rear left doors are handled automatically for passenger boarding and closing when boarding is complete. I would like to see the same procedure in the A31x/A32x as well. It helps when using GSX. Regards, Ulrich
  10. Hi, I just noticed that FS2Crew for the Airbus A319/A320 Professional opens the right front door when starting the pre flight events. In the Boeing 737 FS2Crew opens the left back door (which I prefer). Is this intended or a bug? I would like to have FS2Crew open and close the passenger doors automatically (left side). Regards, Ulrich
  11. You will find the file "FSXInfo.txt" in your ActiveSky directory after installing the update.Uli
  12. Thanks, now everything works fine. I wonder, why FSX deletes the registry keys. Anxarces
  13. Yes, I have installed the 9.1 update.Anxarces
  14. Hello,I just tried to install the sound update. After accepting the license agreement the installer tells me, that I don't have FS2004 installed. In the readme file a solution for this problem is mentioned. But it is not possible to locate FS manually, I can only accept the message "Installation can not continue. You do not have flight simulator installed". The only options I have is to accept the license again, which results in the error message, or to exit install shield. By the way, I didn't move FS or delete any registry keys. That update is the first programm telling me, that I don't have FS installed. Does it perhaps matter, that I use the German version of the FS2004?GreetingsAnxarces
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