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  1. Hi Folks,I was lucky enough to have backed up most of my PSS aircraft but in order to be able to save them into one file per type I would like to change the texture locations in the MDL file by decompling them, change the loc and reassmebling the MDL. Is there a quick way to do this or is it a case of slowly going through each file line by line with a hex editor?Thanks Ron
  2. Someone has to start the ball rolling, if everyone waited for a review there would be little or no payware around and as a result FS would not be a good as it is now.Cheers Ron
  3. Hi Paul,You would be right had it not been for the fact that there were no reviews available at the time.I brought the beast within hours of its release. It looked better than it turned out to be. I was hoping that the "blocks" would come out soon after the first release and no review will know that unless CS had told them, which would have been very unlikely as most payware suppliers avoid that subject totally.
  4. Hi,Have you noticed with FS9 and FSX many things are said or suggested then silence. For FS9 two examples are Just Flights Mosquito, it
  5. Hi Folks,When I first installed FSX I had speech "spoken" from the radio. Now I'm only getting the text lines and no speech.I've removed the fsx config file so that it drops to default but no change.Any suggestions welcome as all other sounds work OK.Thanks Ron
  6. Yes it will but you need to copy some texture files fromt the fs9 texture folder and put them into each texture files for the aircraft.These are ones that start with PSSV or PSS558 in the file name.Ron
  7. To be honest I'm not convinced by the install many times on an unchanged system commnts I've read here.I uninstalled FSX because I wanted to changed some software and also move it to a different drive with more space, when I reloaded, presto, it wanted to reactivate FSX.This means I've used my two lives. Don't intend to carry out the third until or if it becomes a "no other option" decision.Ron
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