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  1. i just found out that you have to select ALL in the filter section on the left, then you see all the possibilities and can assign them
  2. Same here with a Logitech Force 3D Pro. How did you manually bind these? I did see no option for that
  3. >The World of AI models look great. I watched a Delta flight>land last night and was surpised at the detail of the wings,>with the flaps down and spoilers deployed. I'm still not>getting the sound I'd like though, no tire squeal on touchdown>or thrust reversers. I've downloaded an AI sound file from>the library but the WofAI planes don't seem to use them or I>have something wrong.>>Jim>Mmmm thats strange. When installing in FSX, the installer should make a sound folder with the aisound.cfg file in it so it use the (for instance) B738 sound files. But some sounds are very faint. Reverse trust can only be heard almost at the end when the plane is already slowed down, and not when the reversers are applied.Peter
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