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  1. Yep, sorry, you were right. Digging further into my plyplan. I found to waypoints that were almost tripling my flight distance. Thanks again, I should have caught that.Cheers!
  2. Nope, route is fine and I'm holding a 10% reserve.
  3. This is the FMC warning I'm getting. I have 382,000 lbs of fuel on board and am flying from Vancouver to Tokyo, about 4,100 nm. Why am I getting this warning when max distance for the 747 is around 7,000 miles?TIASteve Ark
  4. Anyone know what this is/means, or how to turn it off. I thought I read about it in the manual, but can't find it.ThanksSteve
  5. I have the same issue. Strange thing is, I can't even find a 'flights' folder. Not even the PMDG flights.Steve Ark
  6. Ahhhh! Beat me with a hammer! Thanks mate!Cheers!
  7. I can't find them. Been thru the manual, and they aren't referenced?
  8. Geez. Maybe I should find a way to repost the videos?
  9. Hmmm. I fear your last comment is the case since I can find no reference to the Barber Pole anywhere at all. I also tried the 'max_mach' to no avail.Thanks for the quick reply Douglas!
  10. Sorry, but I had to pull the vids from my server. I only have an 8gig limit and last month I hit 14 gig and it cost me $100.00 in exceeded bandwidth and $45.00 the month before.Hope everyone enjoyed them.CheersSteve
  11. Sorry, but I had to pull the vids from my server. I only have an 8gig limit and last month I hit 14 gig and it cost me $100.00 in exceeded bandwidth and $45.00 the month before.Hope everyone enjoyed them.CheersSteve
  12. Hey!Wondering if there is any way to move the Barber Pole to a higher setting? Would I find the setting in the .air or .cfg files? It's set now at 245 and I would like to raise it to 265.TIASteve
  13. Thanks you so much Douglas. That did the trick very nicely. And the AFSD is really cool. Cheers!Steve
  14. Only problem with FRAPS is that it records in raw uncompressed .avi. It has no time to compress on the fly because of the quick activity on the screen. For this reason a 15 minute shot comes out around 30gig! You can get the file size down by compressing, but the picture quality suffers greatly.Real Producer seemed to be the only one that gave good quality. Let me know if you have any luck with other compression methods.Steve
  15. When under Auto Pilot, and at cruise, I find that the 'puter wants to run the craft at Mach 0.81 which is over speed. Seems every time I let the puter take over, this happens. I have never seen Managed speed of 0.78 automatically. I always have to over ride it by leaving the craft on Auto Throttle, but manually setting the speed to Mach 0.79. The plane will then maintain that speed without over speed warnings.Cheers!
  16. Have you tried to let the craft do it's thing and finish the approach?Quite often it will seem to the right, but come right in on target. Try it.$
  17. I downloaded the Dreamwings Dash Q400 ( dw_q400_usair.zip )from AvSim, but when taxi speed hits 70-120knots, the plane lifts on it's own. The nose continues to pitch up and eventually stalls if you don't manually shove the nose down. Once the stick is released, it will start to pitch up again.If I lower the trim before takeoff, it's fine.Is there anyway to manipulate the cfg or air file so I don't have to manually set the trim everytime?I have tried most settings in both files.I could sure use some help :-(
  18. I created the shows by saving the screen view with FRAPS and saved them as an avi. Once edited, sound was added to make it more realistic. I then converted them to Real Media with Real Producer http://www.realnetworks.com/products/producer/index.htmlThis brought the file size down from 30gb each to 30mb each and still retained the quality. By using a lead in file of the .ram type, the file will start to play once buffering has started. This means the viewer doesn't have to wait for the full file to download before being able to watch.Toughest part is getting the video and sound to sync, and you will see it is off slightly in places. That doesn't affect this much, because there is no 'mouth movements' that would clearly show it out of sync. Still working on that :-)Cheers!
  19. Thanks for the input guys. I created and published the videos, and yes more could be said and they could be more organized, but if you watch them, they are basically in sequence for take off and landing. As you can see, you are on the flight deck during all this. I hope they helped.If you need advanced tutorial, please make sure to visit Rob's website. Very informative!SORSRR
  20. Rob:Excellent job on the airbus ,pdf stuff on your web site! Nicely explained and very thorough. I have enjoyed reading the fine details of the MCDU and am starting to learn the rest of this beast.Thanks again for all your care.Steve ArkBTW: I'm going to have to pull my videos because my server is so limited. Cost me an extra $33.00 CDN in bandwith last month.Cheers!
  21. Maybe I should give you some background.Installed an nVidia 8800 Ultra. Could never get the AA to work with their drivers. Installed nHancer, and the graphics are now amazing! Running AA at 32X. Tweaked to 32X AA, the planes and scenery are sweet. Maybe the Conc doesn't like it?So I set up a separate profile for this craft. Turned off everything and low and behold, the craft loaded. But as I progressed with the craft, FS9 froze again.Back to square one!StevePS: When I talk about the sound file>> You know when you get the 'ding', always sounded so nice. Now it's more like a 'mush'.Anyone else?
  22. Always had good luck with the PSS stuff (as you know), however, I can no longer fly the Concorde.Sound is pitiful. I've removed and reinstalled, but still the same. Actually freezes FS and the puter when I try to load up the Conc.Any suggestions are appreciated so I can try my next video.Weird. Just out of the blue.Don't ask about the puter stuff. Not the cause.$
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