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  1. roevans88

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    "BTW. For 777-200ER model, you should see "Boeing 777-200LR" instead of "Boeing 777-300ER" on FMC IDENT section.Make sure you put "PSS Boeing 777-200LR" string in the beginning of "title" parameter in Aircraft.cfg"Ah I just went back and checked and it said on the fmc that the model is the 777-300er, details, details. The cg value I used 25% given by using the 200 LR model on the load manager, which although its not the ER it should be somewhat accurate don't you think? How did you compute your cg numbers?Ill do some more testing and let you know what I find
  2. roevans88

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    I just merged a posky 772ER with the PSS panel using your 772er FDE file and ran some tests with the aircraft. Two things I noticed were that with a TOW of 450LBS using climb 2 thrust the aircraft reached its acceleration height of 3000 feet and was unable to climb until I selected climb 1. Now I realize that climb 2 is not usually used but with a lightly loaded aircraft I figured it would still be able to climb at least a little bit. The second issue I had was when performing a takeoff at near max gross weight of 655000 lbs and trim set to 6.25. I selected max takeoff thrust which gave me a v2 speed of 165, I cant quite remember v1, and vr but seemed to be about 157, and 160 respectively. Regardless the aircraft did not rotate at v2. Im curious maybe the fmc gave the wrong takeoff speeds or is there something else that needs to be adjusted. Anyway just thought Id share my results hopefully they give some good insight on some of the minor issues
  3. roevans88

    777 default gauges

    hi im looking to see if anyone can give me a list of the 777 default gauges or where i can download them on avsim. I am trying to import my fs9 777 default panel into fsx and i stupidly uninstalled fs9 before i got a chance to get the gauges. Thanks
  4. roevans88

    problems with pushback

    i just recently downloaded steve whalin's Newark Liberty (KEWR) Default Scenery Replacement v1.0 and it looks great, however whenever I start at a gate and press shift+p nothing happens. Im wondering what im doing wrong.
  5. Same thing happened to me, I was patient unfortunatly and waited on hold. But i solved the problem, one of the technicians told me to go to the start menu click run and then type msconfig then press ok. After that click on selective startup and make sure that none of the boxes are unchecked except for the , then go to the services tab and the startup tab and make sure all of those boxes are unchecked. Then restart your computer, and then after installing restart again but make sure you run the mscofig again in normal startup. I don't know if I explained it well, but the guy on the phone said it was probably a problem of windows just trying to run too many unecessary programs or something.Rob
  6. roevans88

    default 777 gauges into FSX

    hey same thing happened to me, i installed the meljet 777 and tried using the default panel but same as you nothing shows up i get the panel but no gauges.
  7. roevans88


    i dunno i just installed it regularly, i just replaced the sound with the 737-800 sound until i find a 777 sound that works, and i put all the textures in the texture folder. It works just fine, in fact it looks extremely good. I havent had any problems so far just trying to find a panel that works.
  8. roevans88


    i installed the meljet 777 and its working fine in fsx but i am having trouble finding a panel for it. Does anyone know if there is a good panel for the 777 but compatible with fsxRob
  9. roevans88

    no terminal buildings

    Thanks alot for responding, and you were right I turned up the scenery complexity and that did the trick. Im not sure how big an effect it will have on the fps but whatever, at least thats fixed. Thanks
  10. roevans88

    no terminal buildings

    I just got fsx installed and have been flying around, but I have no terminal buildings. I turned the graphics up and still nothing, im not sure what the problem is.