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  1. twasono

    How I solved MY OOM FSX problem

    Hi, You might try using FSX DX10 mode, since all the textures will now be offloaded into graphic memory directly. My FSX memory usage is sitting around 1.3 - 1.4GB flying with NGX. But, you should buy DX10 Fixer in order to get rid of many DX10 problems. Tri Nugroho
  2. Great.. just tried a flight from KSJC-KSEA with Auto-Accelleration up to 8x. It landed safely and I exited FSX normally without any issue. Thanks PMDG! Tri Nugroho
  3. twasono

    [09OCT14] PMDG 777 200/300 SP1c is pending...

    Delays is not a problem for me as long as we're well informed. Thanks! Tri Nugroho
  4. twasono


    Capt RSR statement on Sep 12th: Looking at the current fact, I'm assuming that there's still a blocker or problem in SP1c testing. Regards, Tri Nugroho
  5. twasono

    12SEP14 - General Update on Many Topics

    Hi, I think NGX is an almost perfect product from PMDG. If only it had wx radar, I would say that NGX would be fully perfect and i would say it would become undisputed number 1 FSX addon out there. Even if PMDG put a price for this additional feature (wx radar), I won't mind to pay it as long as it's reasonable. Tri Nugroho
  6. twasono

    Dynamic Head Movement in FSX

    Have you tried to disable G-effects in the FSX realism settings?
  7. twasono

    Dynamic Head Movement

    Have you tried to disable G-effects in the FSX realism settings? Tri Nugroho
  8. Have you tried to disable G-effects in FSX realism settings?
  9. I installed it with the following order: - 772LR base - 772LR SP1 - 772LR SP1b - 773ER (today's download) Are those orders fine? Regards, Tri Nugroho
  10. twasono

    Vox not working properly

    Did you run voxatc indexer?
  11. twasono

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    Hi Marius,1) It is caused by skid friction coefficient within the FS9 itself. Fortunately, you can modify it. Just follow this link: Actually we did it by comparing and adjusting the current value with the indicated consumption (Fuel Flow) information from lower EWD. Others may test it by performing a full long haul flight and then calculate & compare the total fuel consumption with real life data.Best Regards.
  12. twasono

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    In real world, The nose wheel and rudder are moved by different controls. Nose wheel is moved by tiller and rudder by rudder pedal.In FS, both are controled using Z-axis.Mostly, rudder is used to make a heading correction when the plane is in high speed rolling. That's why the FS developers design the function of Z-axis like that. CMIIW.Best Regards.
  13. twasono

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    Hi Rick, This is the limitation within FS, which has no tiller. So, for turning the nose wheel on the ground, it uses rudder axis control instead. This is a bug on PSS panel because the T/D point is very late, which cause the plane to chase the descent path on extreme V/S. But after VNAV captured the descent path, it should be OK. I always use the V/S mode during initial descend, and then switch to VNAV after the path captured. For different engine thrust, you can modify the "static_thrust" in the "aircraft.cfg" file.If you know what you are doing, you may modify the .air file. Instead, just leave as it is. :)Best Regards.
  14. twasono

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    Hi kantk2008,Thanks for the kind words. :) I haven't met the condition aboveDid you use time acceleration? What motion is it? roll or yaw?It might be your "AP_control_coeffs.dat" file has been changed. It is in "FS9\PSS\BOEING777" folder.Just follow the following values from my folder:RollOnAilACC=3.4RollOnAilDECEL=3.4RollOnAilINPUTSTEP=2800RollOnAilMININPUT=1000RollOnAilMAXINPUT=31000PitchOnElevatorACC=1.3PitchOnElevatorDECEL=2.3PitchOnElevatorINPUTSTEP=50PitchOnElevatorMININPUT=-12384PitchOnElevatorMAXINPUT=14384VSonPitchACC=400VSonPitchDECEL=1000VSonPitchINPUTSTEP=0.9VSonPitchMININPUT=-15VSonPitchMAXINPUT=30SpeedOnElevatorMaxAcc=2SpeedOnElevatorDecArea=20 Could you provide a picture (screenshot) about what happened?I suspect it is related to the Posky panel merge files.Best Regards.
  15. twasono

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    Hi Jack,Very good source. Do you have the same table for all other variants?I'll try to adjust and find the correct fuel flow. Thanks.Best Regards.