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  1. I'm in a bit of a fix - I was flying a flight - quite normally - when all four engines failed. I chekced everything - all gauges/panels where as they should be. How ever I was unable to restart the engines.I've tried resuming the flight from the last save point. And every time after reloading the flight (engines running INS on etc...) after a few minutes BANG all four engines fail again. Retsart procedures do not work. Sometimes I',m eunable to put fue in (i.e. the fuel lever switch straight back to cutoff when I clikc it). Other times I can (supposedly) put fuel in. but the engines never get over 20% N2.Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anythign I can do?I have used RFP before for ages and with no problems - howeverthis is the first flight I've done since re-installing Fs9 about a month ago.(I have re-installed from the CD and installed the two ptaches).
  2. QUOTE - The section is courtesy of FFX/SGA other than I figured out to use a 4 for my 5.1 speaker setup.SOUND=1SOUND_FADER1=0.500000SOUND_FADER2=0.460000SOUND_FADER3=0.620000SOUND_FADER4=0.800000SOUND_FADER5=0.810000SOUND_FADER6=1.000000SOUND_QUALITY=2Channels=4 --> use a 2 here if you only have 2 speakers, I have a 5.1 speaker setup.SamplesPerSec=44100BitsPerSample=16 - QUOTEI understood that FS9 couldn't cope with a 5.1 surround sound system. Would this change - mean I get sound from my rear speakers?
  3. A qucik and probably simple question.I've used fs2crew for a while now woth both the FS9 737 and the pmdg version.I fancy getting the PMDG 747 version - as these flights are a little longer - can you save flights or at least resume mid-cruise?
  4. Cheers,One more question will ASV6 change textures mid-flight or do you have to restart MSFS?
  5. I think I may havie discovered what I've done.While I was experimenting with ASG I appear to have changed the texture of the sky. I've now changed teh sky colour to "Prime". This seems to have made the skies blue again (see attached).Now this brings me onto the next point. It seems I have mis-understood what ASG does. I thought it merely allowed you to slect specfic sky themese or weather for ASV6 when NOT using online updates. I believed that when using online updates, ASV6 would slect the sky texture, cloud type etc.. to most accurately depict the RW weather.Where have I gone wrong with my understanding? How does ASG work/what is it for? What options are best for realistic weather within ASG/ASV (I've read the post on ASV6 "Options" furtyher up this board) Or ist it my own personal opinion?Cheers
  6. Recently I tried various themese within Active Sky Graphics before returning to using the online updating feature of ASV6. As I normally fly on VASTIM I tend to just use ASV6.Before I experimenetd with ASG my sky was a decent shade of blue, now it is more of a mucky grey/blue. At first IO thought this was just the lcoacl wather (of whereever I was flying) however I now suspect that I've messed something up and ASV6 isn't updating the graphics.Attached are two pics I took before the problem started - 2 pics after and my .ini fileCheers
  7. BenG

    Saving FLights

    Ben,The key to correctly saving flight is - Make sure you follow the checklist correctly. Do so and hey-presto it works!DOH!!!!!!
  8. Is there a technique for saving flights with this a/c. Particlarly for retaining INS Nav/Position Data.The normal technique turn off INS navigation the click the hidden button and save, doesn't seem to work. (Or at least when I reload the sim all the CIVA INS's are off).
  9. Thanks. I'll do that then.
  10. Put simply how do I do it?I've searched but I can't find anywhere with detailed instructions on how to install it in RFP?
  11. I've also noticed another problem that is most likely linked/related to the 1st. (Using Online weather). (Radar Contact) ATIS is reporting winds as 090 @ 8kts - where as the Active Radar (which I based my descent planning on) gave winds at my arrival aiport as 215 @ 8 kts.I've just down a "Fetch" from the main screen and this gives the weather at LGAV (my destination) as 030 @ 8 kts. All seem to agree on the speed - but all sources disagree on the direction.I have done a "Refresh AI".
  12. I've only just purchased AS6 so this might be rookie mistake but basically what I see out of the cockpit windows doesn't agree with what the METAR/Wx informations is telling me.E.g. If I select clear skies (online updates disabled) "Wx Configurator/Clear Skies/Apply to ALL locations" Then select "Apply Now" and the "Update and Close" and the "Refresh" from the main screen. All the Wx/METAR information tells me the skies should be clear blue - but I can see clouds aplenty, some quite thick.How could I solve this problem?
  13. Just doing a bit of research.I've currently got 1 20" LCD monitor for running MSFS. I'd like to add in an extra monitor or two. E.g. for docking windows to (FMC etc..). I'm thinking of getting a TripleHead2Go unit. However I don't have any spare flatscreen lying around ;-). However a do have a couple of 17" CRT monitors spare. Has anyone used the TH2GO in this setup (where the left and right screens are a different size/style from the centre monitor?)
  14. I've been having the same problem - I'm guessing that it's something to do with teh Servers that provide the FS Weather Data.I came on here too see if it was just me.
  15. BenG

    RC & AI Traffic

    Thanks ROn, that was what I was wanting to know.