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  1. Hi Leonig, I am enclosing a Jetmax MIP. So only need Captain side parts. Can you give me a price for: chart/map light panel ( CAP) - oxygen mask dummy ( CAP) - cup holder ( CAP and F/O) - windows levers dummy ( CAP) - grim lights with angles box which fit aft lower windows liners ( CAP) - eyeball vent (CAP) Many thanks Kelvin
  2. Hello Leonig, Are you still making / supplying any of these items? best regards Kelvin
  3. Hi John,You can always save your aircraft file and texture folders and then after reinstall, put the folders back. Then copy and paste the texture entries to the new aircraft file.regardsKelvin
  4. Doh! I must learn to read manuals properly. You know I missed that three times.Problem solved many thanks BryanregardsKelvin
  5. Hi Bryan,Sorry for delay in replying but I wanted to recheck & verify events.So,On entering the runway and going through before take-off checklist, the PNF calls 'CCAS' to which the PF responds 'oops let me set take off elevation'.Where do you set this? I have already checked the altimeter settings earlier. I am using activesky but I don't see how this would cause it. I have just tried three times at EGJJ (interesting weather at present), and this call came every time.regardsKelvin
  6. HiDuring pre take off checklist I get a 'takeoff altitude' check failure. I can't determine what or where I should be entering the take off altitude.Any help accepted gratefully.regardsKelvin
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